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The Purpose of Chiropractic - Brisbane

A condition is the result of an event or process, to which your body cannot adapt. Despite its amazing processing power and ability to adapt to stress, there are still things that your body cannot adapt to.

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A Natural Approach for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

I’ve written in other places about the relationship between the skull (cranium), the jaw (temporomandibular joints), and the upper neck. Ultimately, what I’m getting at is that chronic pain - especially in cases of fibromyalgia or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) - many people experience massive relief by addressing previously undiagnosed problems with their jaw and with their upper neck.

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The Role of the Upper Neck in Chronic Pain and Fatigue

If you experience chronic pain, I am certain that you have already researched a number of potential reasons that your brain can get software into a pain-loop:

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Chronic Pain Treatment - Where's the Upper Cervical Care?!

Chronic Pain Australia just released the results of the National Pain Survey 2018. As I read through the report, it is the comments shared by people suffering chronic pain that touch me the most

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The Definition of Health and Disease

Health is a normal adaptation process to healthy stress that results in a healthy body. The definition of health is all about if you’re body is working properly and able to adapt to eustress! If you follow a good diet, exercise, sleep well, take good care of your mental wellbeing, and ensure that your nerve system...

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The Definition of Stress and Adaptability

What is the definition of stress? What about the definition of disease? For that matter, what is the definition of health? If you are a normal person, you probably said something that was based on how well you feel. For example, if you “feel good, you must be healthy.” Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken.

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A Natural Treatment Approach for Trigeminal Neuralgia

Misalignments happen at all levels of your spine. Usually, your body is able to self-correct them (like stretching your arms above your head and feeling a few “clicks” between your shoulder blades).

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Trigeminal Neuralgia & The Role of the Neck

Trigeminal Neuralgia is characterised as an intense stabbing pain of the face. Pain can be constant or come in random bursts. It can affect your eye, your nose, your upper mouth, your jaw, the side of your head or combinations of them all.

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Complex Health Problems and Upper Cervical Combination Lock

The Combination Lock & Complex Health Challenges Many of my clients to have really complex health challenges. Even before they start with Upper Cervical Care, they've seen a dozen different practitioners over a decade or so with little/no improvement.

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Treatment Options for a Chiari Malformation

For all the severe nature of the conditions I’ve just described, you may be wondering how it is possible for Chiari Malformations to go unreported as often as they do. This is a special type of MRI that looks at the flow of blood from the brain.

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