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5% of People Know a Health Secret-Upper Cervical Treatment

Upper Cervical Treatment Brisbane - The Connection to the Nervous System, Stress Treatment and Natural Healing - North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia

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Upper Cervical Chiropractor: Do You Need It?

Upper Cervical Chiropractor - The Connection to the Nervous System, Stress Treatment and Natural Healing - North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia

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Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia #1

Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia - November 5,6 2016 One of the only things certain in life is change. There will always be bigger, better, longer, faster … but there can only ever be one first.

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Chronic Fatigue, Stress & The Upper Neck

We live in a world of overwhelming stress. Even if you are a champion Olympic swimmer, even you cannot swim against the current of the ocean forever. Eventually, the ocean will win. If we are unable to adapt to the stress in our lives, so too will we succumb to them?

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Atlas Misalignment - Stress & The Upper Neck

That’s right: what I’m saying is that the reason your spine misaligns is that that is your body’s normal protective mechanism to stress. The hypothesized mechanism goes like this. First, we know that your spine misaligns at all levels all the time.

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Natural Stress Treatment & Nervous System

Natural Stress Treatment, Your Nervous System & The Upper Cervical Chiropractic Connection - North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia

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Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia - Melbourne 2016

This past weekend (October 21-23rd 2016), I attended The Art of the Specific (TATS). To my knowledge, this seminar was the first official Upper Cervical Chiropractic seminar held in Melbourne

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Nerve Pain & Complex Health Treatment

When it comes to nerve pain and other complex health problems that include Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, jaw or facial pain, neuralgia, dizziness & vertigo, migraines, etc. there is usually no single magic bullet.

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Friday Atlas Chiropractic Shirt Day ... Every Day!

Its Friday Atlas Chiropractic shirt day ... every day! You may know that bright red Atlas Chiropractic shirt that I've worn for a few years on Fridays. In brief, the shirt was designed by Leighton Wood at Nuance Studios in North Brisbane (Sandgate).

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Coccyx Whiplash - A Fall on Your Tailbone Affects Your Neck

What happens when you fall down on your tailbone (aka sacrum or coccyx)? Think of a figure skater or hockey player who slips on the ice and falls straight onto their tailbone. (Yes, I know we live in North Lakes and Brisbane where "cold" is anything below 20 degrees, but you know what I mean.)

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