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Friday Atlas Chiropractic Shirt Day ... Every Day!

Its Friday Atlas Chiropractic shirt day ... every day! You may know that bright red Atlas Chiropractic shirt that I've worn for a few years on Fridays. In brief, the shirt was designed by Leighton Wood at Nuance Studios in North Brisbane (Sandgate).

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Coccyx Whiplash - A Fall on Your Tailbone Affects Your Neck

What happens when you fall down on your tailbone (aka sacrum or coccyx)? Think of a figure skater or hockey player who slips on the ice and falls straight onto their tailbone. (Yes, I know we live in North Lakes and Brisbane where "cold" is anything below 20 degrees, but you know what I mean.)

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The Worst Way to Manage Your Health ... Ever!   

Managing your health by how you feel is the worst way to stay healthy ... ever! Most people associate pain with needing to see a chiropractor. "I feel fine, so I must be okay."

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Brisbane Heat, Fatigue & Your Energy

For the past month or so, I have already seen in many people and have felt it myself the immediate effects of the mercury rising. What I see predominantly is that even so quickly after a 3-day weekend, people are tired and simply do not have the normal energy to do their normal activities

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North Lakes Health Events - October 2016

On Thursday, October 6th 2016, we hosted our first Wellness Workshop, "The Great Healthcare Myth" at our office in North Lakes. Thank you all who attended! The topic addressed one of, if not the biggest mistake that we in North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia ...

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The Upper Cervical & TMJ Help

Problems with the upper neck can feed into the jaw (temporomandubular joint, aka TMJ) and create facial pains and other associated issues … AND the TMJ can feed into the neck and create headaches and neck issues …

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"Just Do Wit" is The Secret to Wellbeing

The willingness to "Just Do WIT” is the secret to wellbeing. In the past month, I’ve seen three people, who has asked me if I think Upper Cervical care may be able to help someone in their family … however all three added a few interesting comments that went something like this:

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How is an Atlas Adjustment Different from Normal Chiropractic?

An Upper Cervical adjustment or correction is significantly different from what most people expect for a routine chiropractic adjustment or "spinal manipulation." Foremost, there is no head rotation, and there is no neck or back cracking.

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There's No Such Thing as Flu Season

"It's flu season again," they say. What if I told you that there is actually no such thing as flu season? Viruses, bacteria, mould, spores and other stuff is in the air all of the time: 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Dangers of the "Low Speed" Car Accident

Car crashes, accidents, fender benders and whiplash. They happen in Brisbane every day (how's that traffic along the Gateway from North Lakes to the CBD and back again?) It seems that unless it is over 80km an hour that is not high impact and that it does not affect your body.

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