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Why is Resting so Important Post Chiropractic Adjustment?

To our knowledge we are the only Chiropractic office not only in North Lakes, but in Brisbane (and only one of a dozen in all Australia) with a designated post adjustment resting room. On those days when you do need an adjustment, we strongly advise that you have a 10 minute post-adjustment lie-down and rest.

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Don't be a Chiropractor's Two Day Rule Fool

Every person - whether you see an atlas chiropractor or not, is going to have niggles, pain, discomfort, get the flu or are sick at different points in their life. The question is – is your body going to be able to take care of things as well as it should be?

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You Can See the Neck Misalignment

The x-ray view that shows the misalignment is called a Blair Protracto view. It is taken from an atypical angle that confuses most chiropractors and even many radiologists. Because I had been taking Upper Cervical x-rays long enough, I didn't have any trouble learning how to read them.

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You Can See the Neck Misalignment North Lakes

Be sure to ask to see the new office posters in North Lakes, which show in beautiful bold colour the misalignment in your upper neck and what it does to your spine and central nervous system.

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Pain & the Possible Effects of Subluxation

A subluxated vertebra, especially the atlas or axis, exerts tension on the neurological system: namely the spinal cord, brainstem and all its associated blood vessels, lymph channels, muscles and connective tissues, which can cause pain or other problems.

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Easier Route from Redcliffe to North Lakes

What this means is that there is now a much faster and easier and STRAIGHTER route to North Lakes from Redcliffe and the peninsula to the office. …

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Do you Need Chiropractic Treatment?

It is essential that you understand the concept that "feeling good" does not mean that you are healthy and that you don't need treatment or care. Unfortunately, people throughout North Lakes, Brisbane and all Australia make this critical error every day.

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Chiropractic Philosophy in 2016: Not Just for the Greeks

Believe it or not, chiropractic philosophy is where everything in your life starts … or at the very least, general philosophy is the foundation for everything in your life. We're not talking old Greek guys in robes, but about how the very structure of your beliefs about the world directly shape your life … for better or for worse!

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What is an Upper Neck Subluxation?

Thousands of people throughout North Lakes, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland likely have a subluxation of the vertebrae in their neck and don't even know it! The term "subluxation" refers to a joint misalignment that is causing the central nervous system (wires) to misfire.

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What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Every dimension of the human experience is processed thru the nervous system. Every thought, every emotion, every perception, every motor function, everything that we experience as human beings is processed through the nervous system.

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