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Concussion – How Much Damage Can a Football Cause, Really?

If you play football in North Lakes, Mango Hill or anywhere in Brisbane (youth, minor or professional) who is your team chiropractor? If you don’t know the answer to this question, here’s why you better find out. A “g force” is the amount of acceleration you experience compared to the normal force of gravity.

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Multiple Sclerosis-Research Never Made News in Australia

If you or someone you know suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) read this: “We believe that the Upper Cervical correction on C1-C2 could be the main non-invasive treatment of the CCSVI mechanical type in patients with MS.

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Multiple Sclerosis & Alzheimer’s- Immune System and Atlas

What a discovery! Published in June 2015 of Nature, researchers identified a previously undiscovered network of lymph channels that serve as the brain’s drainage immune system.

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Cervical Spine – Neck Pain in Teenagers a Rising Epidemic

Teenagers have been told to ‘stop slouching and sit up straight’ since the dawn on time. However, modern technology makes the problem more serious than ever before. A 2006 survey of teenagers (14-16 years old) revealed that adolescents spent 1½ hours daily on computers and mobile devices (10 hours, 24 minutes per week).

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Concussion- Head and Neck Injuries in Australian Football

If you play or have played football, pay attention … and I mean all codes of football including rugby league, union, and especially Aussie Rules and soccer. In April 2015, a US federal judge ruled that the National Football League (NFL) is liable for $1 Billion in damages to be awarded to retired professional gridiron players...

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Multiple Sclerosis-How Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow is Critical

There are a number of really interesting studies going on in the world demonstrating how Upper Cervical Chiropractic care may be able to help people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). One such study, which has been led by Dr Scott Rosa since 2011...

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