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Neck Pain Exercises a closer look

What to do when neck pain exercises don’t work What do I do if my neck pain exercises aren’t working? The #1 most important thing you need to do is to get your neck looked at in REAL LIFE by someone who is an expert in neck health.

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Whiplash and Meniere’s Disease Connection

Is Meniere’s Disease a neck injury in disguise? Clinical research suggests that Meniere’s Disease may be the result of an old whiplash injury.  If you’ve been to Meniere’s Disease specialists - had all the tests including MRIs, hearing tests and nerve scans - but your tests have always come back as “normal,” you may be wondering how that is even possible!

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Take care of your dizziness without medicine or surgery

Is it TIME to do something different about your dizziness? Have you had your ATLAS checked to see if it could be associated with your dizziness? Dizziness can be one of the most disrupting and depressing things that any human being can experience.

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Tension Headaches - More than Stress

Are tension headaches just a matter of stress? Tension headaches are NOT simply a matter of stress. Stress is simply the thing that pushes your body OVER THE LIMIT to the point that you develop a nasty, gnarly tension headache. 

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Natural Fibromyalgia management in Brisbane

Why is it so hard to find a Fibromyalgia specialist in Brisbane? If you are looking for a fibromyalgia specialist in Brisbane, one of the biggest challenges is finding one!  Part of the reason may be that there really is no such person.

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Migraines and upper cervical chiropractic care

If Migraines are a new experience, what can you do? You’ve likely heard of people experiencing migraines. However, if you suddenly find yourself experiencing migraines for the first time in your life, you suddenly realize how debilitating they truly are. 

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Chiropractic care may benefit severe TMJ sufferers

The TMJ or temporomandibular joint is a fascinating part of your body. It is the only bone in your skull that is freely mobile. It is suspended 100% by muscles and ligaments. All the other bones in your skull, including your teeth, have interlocking, joints that limit their movement.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia sufferers and chiropractic adjustment

Are you looking for an upper cervical chiropractor in Brisbane to help with your Trigeminal Neuralgia? If you or a loved one is suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, you’re likely looking for anything that could help.

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Chiropractic adjustment for persons with severe vertigo

If so, you are not the only one. Chiropractic is often one of the last professions that people use when they experience vertigo, often because medical doctors refer instead to vestibular physiotherapists or vertigo specialists.

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Meniere’s disease chiropractic treatment

A natural approach to helping people with Meniere’s disease. If you have been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and done your own research for natural solutions, then you’ve likely discovered something called an “upper cervical chiropractor” or the “Blair technique” as a way for helping people with Meniere’s disease.

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