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Migraine Triggers - Cause or Effect?

Are you treating the cause or just the effects? Migraine triggers are common: lights, odors, stress, physical tension. However, these triggers are seldom the true cause of migraines. They are simply the things that trigger the pain.

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What you need to know about migraines in women

Hormones may TRIGGER migraines … but that does NOT always mean they are the CAUSE of migraines in the first place. Both women and men experience migraines. However, migraines tend to be 3x more common in women. Researchers believe that estrogen is one of the key factors.

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The pressure at the back of my Head

What does pressure at the back of your head mean? “Why do I have pressure at the back of my head?” The pressure at the back of your head may be a sign of a mechanical blockage at the base of your skull involving your C1 or atlas vertebra.

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What does it mean if I have pain on top of the head?

Is it a nerve or a muscle causing pain on top of my head? Pain on top of the head is often referred to as pain, which means that the source of the problem is coming from somewhere else … and the most likely source is from your upper neck!

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Chronic Earaches but not an Infection

“What if my doctor can’t find why I have an earache?” There are many potential reasons you can have an earache even though it isn’t infected. One of the major causes could be your upper neck.

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Post-concussion syndrome and your C1 vertebra

“What’s your neck got to do with it?” The symptoms of post-concussion syndrome are identical to a whiplash injury involving your cervical spine (aka neck).

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Natural neck pain relief and your C1 vertebra

Are you doing the right thing … just maybe in the wrong order? The alignment of the top vertebra in your neck - called the C1 or atlas vertebra - may be the key to discovering neck pain relief naturally and without surgery.

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Migraine headaches - C1 vertebra

Is it a migraine headache? Or is it your C1 vertebra? Many people have found relief from migraines and chronic headaches with treatment focused on the top bone in the neck called the atlas or C1 vertebra.

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Is it TMJ treatment … or is it my neck?

Are you getting the right TMJ Treatment? If you are looking for TMJ treatment, you may be astonished to learn that many TMJ problems are actually neck problems in disguise.

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Brisbane chiropractic treatment for neck and shoulder pain

Neck pain and chiropractic care. Have you ever wondered when I may need to see a chiropractor instead of a physiotherapist or my GP? If you experience neck pain and shoulder pain, how do I know what I need to do?!

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