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Post Concussion Syndrome

Post Concussion Syndrome

Are you or a family member dealing with the challenges of post-concussion syndrome? How severely has it been disrupting your daily life? You ability to concentrate? To focus?

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How to fix bad posture

Are you look for a natural solution on how to fix bad posture? Have you noticed that your head leans to one side? Or too far forwards? Or that one shoulder is always higher than the other? Is it causing you headaches? Jaw problems?

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How Chiropractic Medicine Works to Improve Your Health

Chiropractic medicine is an all-natural way to improve your body’s health. Chiropractic medicine is based on the relationship between the body’s structure (your spine’s alignment) and the body’s function (the nervous system); it is the study of how a changing structure (your spine) affects the functions of the nervous system.

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Headache Behind the Ear: Signs, Causes and Treatments

Have you or a loved one been experiencing a headache behind the ear? How much is it affecting your daily life? Any type of headache can range from just a low-grade annoyance to a piercing pain the prevents you from doing just about anything? Which one describes you?

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Pain in the Back of my Head can be a Simple Neck Twist?

How long have you been dealing with a pain in the back of the head? You’ve probably tried many of the common things including stretches from the physiotherapist of manipulation from the chiropractor.  Or maybe you’ve literally taken matters into your own hands and self-manipulate to your neck to relieve the discomfort and pain in the back of your head.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Upper Cervical Treatment

Are you looking for help with chronic fatigue syndrome? How is it affecting the quality of your life? Full body pain? Complete lack of energy? Is it affecting your ability to enjoy time with your family or friends? Or to do basic tasks at home or work? And if you do, are you wiped out for days at a time afterward?

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Cervical Myelopathy and Upper Cervical Treatment

Have you been diagnosed with cervical myelopathy? How is it affecting your daily life? Neck pain? Constant headaches? Tingling or weakness in your hands? Or difficulties with walking or coordination? Is it affecting your ability to focus and get work done? Or to drive? Or to enjoy time with your family or friends?

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Nonprogressive Daily Headaches

Are you suffering from chronic nonprogressive daily headaches? Or are you the parent of a child or teenager suffering nonprogressive daily headaches? How are they affecting the quality of your life? Your work? Your school? Your social life? Your relationships?

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Are you Looking for a Solution for your Cluster Headaches?

How severely are your cluster headaches affecting your life? Your work? Your exercise? Your time with family? Especially because cluster headaches strike out of the blue, how disappointing is it to cancel your commitments at the last moment?

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Multiple Sclerosis - Upper Cervical Chiropractic Treatment

There are only a few conditions that can so randomly and radically affect the quality of your life like multiple sclerosis. That includes both people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and people whose lives are touched by people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. On one day, you can be exceptionally well - almost normal! But on the next day for no apparent reason, nothing is normal.

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