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Grinding and Clenching your Teeth, Neck Pain, and Headaches?

Grinding and clenching your teeth is a common sign of an underlying neuromuscular condition involving your jaw and the nerves in your upper neck.  Also known as “bruxism,” clenching and grinding your teeth is often attributed to stress.

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Clicking or Popping the Jaw with Neck Pain and Headaches?

Unfortunately, because it is not a formal medical diagnosis, it is not something where you can google “clicking jaw specialist.” The closest person that many people think of as a clicking jaw specialist would be a dentist, an ENT, or maybe a physiotherapist.

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TMD Jaw and Neck Pain Natural Relief

If I’ve discovered anything about TMD jaw and neck pain, it is that two people are never the same. Temporomandibular joint (aka jaw or TMJ) conditions have an extremely wide variety of symptoms associated with them.

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The Hidden Danger of Whiplash Injuries in Sports

Whiplash and Sports … Just because it isn’t NRL or AFL does NOT mean its 100% safe. Contrary to common belief, whiplash and neck injuries are NOT limited to contact sports like football, rugby or hockey.

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Simple headache can mask a serious condition like Whiplash

Is there ever such a thing as a “normal headache?” It is common for people to diminish the importance of headaches. They attribute them to stress or tension, take a few tablets, and then carry on with their daily activities because “they don’t have time for a headache.”

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Upper Cervical Treatment for Post Concussion Syndrome

If you are dealing with post-concussion syndrome, I need to say it clearly for you in the very beginning:  YOUR BRAIN HAS THE ABILITY TO HEAL. It is called “plasticity.” Even if you have suffered a certain injury with irreparable damage, your brain has the ability to compensate and make new neural connections in its effort to heal.

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Upper Cervical Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment in Brisbane

Trigeminal neuralgia is widely regarded as being one of, if not THE most painful neurological condition known to human kind. If you have ever gotten a grain of sand or eyelash in your eye, you know how unpleasant that is. … But now imagine that it never goes away.

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Migraine Triggers - Cause or Effect?

Are you treating the cause or just the effects? Migraine triggers are common: lights, odors, stress, physical tension. However, these triggers are seldom the true cause of migraines. They are simply the things that trigger the pain.

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What you need to know about migraines in women

Hormones may TRIGGER migraines … but that does NOT always mean they are the CAUSE of migraines in the first place. Both women and men experience migraines. However, migraines tend to be 3x more common in women. Researchers believe that estrogen is one of the key factors.

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The pressure at the back of my Head

What does pressure at the back of your head mean? “Why do I have pressure at the back of my head?” The pressure at the back of your head may be a sign of a mechanical blockage at the base of your skull involving your C1 or atlas vertebra.

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