Head Pain Disorders

Vestibular Migraines - Natural Treatment for a Condition that Slips Through the Cracks

Date: Mar 29, 2022
Vestibular migraines despite the simplicity of their namesake are a relatively difficult condition to diagnose. If you have been told recently that you have vestibular migraines but have had doctors and specialists previously say that you may have BPPV (Benign Proxysmal Positional Vertigo), Meniere’s Disease, or Vestibular Neuritis (aka a virus ...
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What to do if you have Brain Fog and a Heavy Head

Date: Mar 9, 2022
“Brain fog” and a "heavy head” are two very common terms that people use to describe what they feel is happening inside their brain and at the base of their skull. And even though people often feel weird when they describe them, BRAIN FOG AND HEAVY HEAD are actually FAR MORE ...
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