Head Pain Disorders

Brain Fog - Blood Flow and the Upper Neck

Date: Mar 21, 2021
“Brain fog” is a common description where people find they are unable to concentrate or experience troubles with short-term memory and even have difficulty. What makes brain fog even more challenging is that there is no official diagnosis of “brain fog,” and the mechanisms behind it are just as puzzling. Recent studies ...
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Natural Headache Relief - Look to the Joints in the Neck

Date: Mar 14, 2021
  In terms of managing headaches, there are two general approaches:   You can treat the symptoms by taking pain killers, anti-inflammatories, or getting injections into the neck You can address the underlying cause!   If you have tried the first approach but are ready to do something different - to find the underlying cause of ...
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Chiari Malformations - A Natural Option?

Date: Feb 14, 2021
If you have been diagnosed with a Chiari malformation of a suspect you may have a Chiari malformation, the size of the herniation may not be the most important factor! And there may be options besides surgery! A Chiari malformation occurs where the base of the brainstem and/or cerebellum bulges or herniates below ...
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Car accident in Brisbane? We may be able to help your musculoskeletal needs immediately.

Neck and whiplash injuries may pose serious risks to your long-term wellbeing. A recent study has found that people, who suffered a whiplash injury are more likely to suffer neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, and headaches. In addition, neck injuries and whiplash have also been linked with other serious conditions including ...
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