Neck Pain Disorders

Basilar Invagination - Is there a natural treatment option?

Date: Jun 13, 2022
Basilar invagination is a developmental cranial anomaly that affects the base of the skull, the upper portion of the neck, and most importantly the brainstem. Basilar invagination is associated with a wide array of symptoms:Persistent headaches and migrainesDizziness and vertigoFainting spells, brain fog, and lightheadednessMuscle tremors and full-body weaknessCertainly an array ...
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Can Neck Problems Cause Trigeminal Neuralgia?

Date: Jun 6, 2022
Straight up, yes, neck problems absolutely can cause trigeminal neuralgia! Yet when it comes to treatment for trigeminal neuralgia, it probably isn’t something that your GP or your specialist, or even your surgeon said much about. The reason that you are here is that you’ve been doing your independent research about ...
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Anxiety after Concussion? Look to the Neck.

Date: Apr 11, 2022
One of the most common symptoms that people can experience after a whiplash or concussion injury is anxiety. The question is why? And what can you do about it? In this article, we will look at the neurology involved to show how anxiety after a concussion may not always be for ...
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