Neck Pain Disorders

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Neck and whiplash injuries may pose serious risks to your long-term wellbeing. A recent study has found that people, who suffered a whiplash injury are more likely to suffer neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, and headaches. In addition, neck injuries and whiplash have also been linked with other serious conditions including ...
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TMD Jaw and Neck Pain Natural Relief

Date: Aug 24, 2020
  Other Symptoms of TMD Jaw and Neck Pain If I’ve discovered anything about TMD jaw and neck pain, it is that two people are never the same. Temporomandibular joint (aka jaw or TMJ) conditions have an extremely wide variety of symptoms associated with them. TMD, or temporomandibular dysfunction, occurs when your jaw joints are not moving the way ...
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Natural neck pain relief and your C1 vertebra

Date: May 11, 2020
Natural neck pain relief and your C1 vertebra Are you doing the right thing … just maybe in the wrong order? The alignment of the top vertebra in your neck - called the C1 or atlas vertebra - may be the key to discovering neck pain relief naturally and without surgery. If you ...
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