Nervous System Disorders

Cerebral Palsy - A large coverage term

Date: Jul 6, 2020
What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral palsy is the collective name for brain injuries that occur pre-, during, or shortly after birth.  Typically, such brain injuries occur in the first year of life and affect normal neurological development. However, depending on how large and wherein the brain the injury has occurred, the complications ...
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How can you see Nerve Damage?

Date: Nov 17, 2019
How can you see Nerve Damage? Can you see nerve damage in an MRI/CBCT/X-Ray? If you have been experiencing nerve pain, problems, or nerve damage, you have probably had a whole series of tests. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for so many of these tests to come back as "NORMAL."  When this happens, you may feel like ...
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Multiple Sclerosis - Upper Cervical Chiropractic Treatment

Date: May 7, 2019
Understanding Multiple Sclerosis There are only a few conditions that can so randomly and radically affect the quality of your life like multiple sclerosis. That includes both people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and people whose lives are touched by people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. On one day, you can be exceptionally well - almost normal! But on ...
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