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Is it TMJ treatment … or is it my neck?

Are you getting the right TMJ Treatment? If you are looking for TMJ treatment, you may be astonished to learn that many TMJ problems are actually neck problems in disguise.

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Chiropractic care may benefit severe TMJ sufferers

The TMJ or temporomandibular joint is a fascinating part of your body. It is the only bone in your skull that is freely mobile. It is suspended 100% by muscles and ligaments. All the other bones in your skull, including your teeth, have interlocking, joints that limit their movement.

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Can Chiropractic Help TMJ?

Can upper cervical chiropractic help TMJ? "I’ve tried everything for my TMJ but nothing’s worked.” One of the most frustrating things dealing with a TMJ problem is knowing where to go for help.

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What 77% of People with TMJ Problems Need to Know

When it comes to TMJ problems, let me start off with the myth of the Million Dollar Smile. It sounds nice: a beautiful, orthopaedically-symmetrical smile … and you certainly pay your orthodontist a handsome price to get it! But let me ask you this: what if your teeth aren’t supposed to line up this way?

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