What causes straightening of the cervical lordosis?

Date: Oct 25, 2021
The normal forward's curve of your neck is known as a “cervical lordosis” or lordotic curve.” The normal cervical lordosis is typically 20-30 degrees as is different in every person. Some people have slightly less cervical lordosis, and other people have slightly more.The problem for so many people is a condition known ...
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How should I sleep with neck arthritis?

Date: Oct 11, 2021
One of the most difficult things for people with neck arthritis is finding a comfortable position to sleep. Finding the right position can be hard enough even if you don’t have arthritis! Plus if you aren't sleeping well, it makes everything worse! When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep if you ...
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How Chiropractic Helps with Compartment Syndrome

Posted in Chiropractic
Date: Oct 8, 2021
Many professional athletes suffer from compartment syndrome from time to time. This is a condition affecting a group of muscles in the leg (called a compartment), caused by excessive muscle pressure. However, even regular people can suffer from this condition after a major trauma such as a broken leg or ...
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My head feels like it is too heavy for my neck?

Date: Sep 27, 2021
“It feels like my head is too heavy for my neck” This is actually one of the most common things that people who have a misalignment of the top vertebra in their neck actually say. The top vertebra in the neck, known as the C1 or atlas vertebra, which weighs approximately ...
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