Our Chiropractors’ Back to School Advice

Posted in Spine Disorders
Date: Sep 16, 2021
Fall is here and this means that millions of children are going back to school. This is an emotional moment for parents who send their kids to school for the first time. For children, it is the excitement of meeting their friends again on daily basis. But chiropractors see another, ...
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What is it when light acts as a headache amplifier?

Date: Sep 14, 2021
Light and sun exposure is one of the most common triggers that acts like a headache and migraine amplifier. But why is that? The short answer is that “No one completely knows.” However, I would like to make the case that when light acts as a headache or migraine amplifier that it ...
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How Dangerous Is Spinal Stenosis?

Posted in Conditions Spine
Date: Sep 10, 2021
Spinal stenosis represents the process of narrowing of the spaces within your spine – the canal through which the spinal cord runs. This means that, as this canal becomes narrower, your spine will be pressured from all sides. In turn, this means that your nerves will not be able to ...
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Link Between Migraine Headaches and Back Pain

Posted in Migraines
Date: Sep 7, 2021
Anyone who has to cope with the pain of migraine headaches realizes the importance of finding out what the cause may be. Interestingly, migraines are not actually categorized as headaches. They are actually a neurological disorder, with headaches being only one of the symptoms. Some things that may trigger a migraine are certain types of ...
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