Friday Atlas Chiropractic Shirt Day ... Every Day!

Posted in Event on Oct 19, 2016

Its Friday Atlas Chiropractic shirt day ... every day! You may know that bright red Atlas Chiropractic shirt that I've worn for a few years on Fridays. In brief, the shirt was designed by Leighton Wood at Nuance Studios in North Brisbane (Sandgate).

Previously I'd worn the standard and customary professional work polos ... nice, but blah. I received a few compliments wearing it, but not heaps. It was a nice, standard shirt.

With the red shirt, however, I immediately received more compliments and attention than I had to wear any previous uniform! I called it my "Friday shirt" for the reason that I almost always wore it on Fridays (duh), and the fact that there is a certain energy about Fridays that everyone likes. Same too with the energy of the shirt ... color, vibration, things like that I suppose.

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So when Natalie started ...

When Natalie started at Atlas Chiropractic in North Lakes, we talked about and decided to update and upgrade the shirts: same concept, but a few extra bits and colors. There were a few delays in the process - so thank you, Leighton, for working so diligently through that! - but the new chiropractic shirts have finally arrived!

And not just in red anymore: we now have silver, purple and blue! Yes, they are perhaps a bit more casual than a customary uniform for a chiropractor or others in health professions, but if they are bright and communicate the message well, that's what matters most in my opinion. They are also that fantastic light-weight and cool material that dries in 5 minutes, so perfect for our running also!

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Want an Exercise Chiropractic Shirt Too?

At Atlas Chiropractic in North Lakes, Brisbane, we don't really sell lots of promotional materials like pens, bottles, or stuff like that. That said, we will testify how awesome these shirts are for exercise and general day to day wear. Therefore, if you are wanting an exercise or atlas chiropractic shirt of your own and you like the design as much as we do, let us know and we will be happy to order one for you! Contact us at 07 3188 9329



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