North Lakes Health Events - October 2016

Posted in Event on Oct 10, 2016

It has been a very busy week for North Lakes health events and us!

North Lakes Health Event #1

On Thursday, October 6th, 2016, we hosted our first Wellness Workshop, "The Great Healthcare Myth" at our office in North Lakes. Thank you all who attended! The topic addressed one of, if not the biggest mistake that we in North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia ... in fact the western world makes when it comes to managing our health.

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That myth/lie is "If I feel fine, I am healthy." We addressed how this myth affects our slow but steady decline in health to the point that we reach a crisis. But then how the myth never allows us to rise from the "feeling good" trap, where we just go from one crisis to the next.

Admittedly, I think I went into too much detail on some topics - namely how stress, which is the catalyst for it all comes into effect - and then how we need to correct that by addressing certain key areas of our life. My apologies for running long, and I will be certain to learn for the next event.

We hope in a month's time to host another workshop for early November 2016. It will be a different topic TBA in the next few days. If you were there this time (or not), we hope to see you there again soon.

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Sandgate Health Event #2

Two days later on Saturday, October 8th, 2016, we ventured down for the Sandgate Sunset Run and Festival where we were a part of the Wellness Expo. We did see a few familiar & friendly faces down there and had a good opportunity to meet a few others in the community interested in a variety of health topics and issues.

I was also the last speaker at the event to present on a similar topic that I had a couple of nights previous, but more importantly on hope and what it means to have it as you go through the healing process. Specifically, I raised the issue, "If you could be just 5% better in your life - i.e., your health was even just 5% better - what would that allow you to do that you aren't doing now, and what would your life look like for that?" What would it look like for your relationships? Your family? Your work? Your finances? Etc.

Something Important We Realised

We have a bit of a big job ahead of us! At present, we are still one of the only Atlas Specific Chiropractic Centres not just in North Lakes or Brisbane, but in all Australia. There are so many people, who need our help and may not even know it. ...

And as a result, it became abundantly clear over the weekend that these two events are only the very start of many more that we NEED to do. Not just for us, but because people NEED to know the truth about their health and the importance of how this specialized type of care may be able to help them. I'm not sure what the next North Lakes Health event or another health event (s) will be, but watch this space for much more to come.  

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