Bad Vibrations and Lawnmowers

Posted in Did You Know? on Apr 26, 2016

Mechanical vibrations do not exist in nature, which makes it one of the most common ways for people to suffer injuries. Are you one of the many people in North Lakes and Brisbane who mow their own grass? Do you ride a motorcycle?

Operate heavy machineries like a truck, bobcat or crane? Even use an electrical tool that vibrates (jackhammer, hedge trimmer)? … Or how about something even so benign as a mechanical toothbrush? Out of all the physical forces in nature, mechanical vibrations are not among them.

They exist only because of the ingenuity of mankind and his/her machines. However, I find more and more common that if/when people suffer aggravations or injuries while under chiropractic care, it is within a few hours of using some type of household device--specifically a lawnmower--that produces a strong mechanical vibration.

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I've seen it also for many years that truck drivers commonly suffer lower back and disc injuries, not simply due to the thousands of kilometers spent on the road, but because of the vibrations produced by the truck (MB, I'm thinking about that one particular truck!).

Even though small, it seems that the mechanical vibrations cause mini-whiplash strains that can normally be well absorbed by muscles and ligaments ... but not when they are healing. Even the Atlas Chiropractic adjustment is a type of vibrational force, but one directed so that the body will be able to use it constructively.

Am I anti-lawnmowers and motorcycles now? Heck no. However, I do want to call this to your attention if/when you or someone you know is trying to recover from an injury. There are certain things that will set you backward, and the better chance you can give yourself to heal, the better. Note: This article is based on personal observations over 10 years in Atlas specific chiropractic practice (that long already!) in North Brisbane and North Lakes.

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I wish I could give you some proper data and research to back it up, but I've noticed this is most common with people recovering from neck pain, lower back pain, and/or dizziness or vertigo.

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