Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia #1

Posted in Personal Development on Nov 8, 2016

Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia - November 5,6 2016 One of the only things certain in life is change. There will always be bigger, better, longer, faster … but there can only ever be one first. This past weekend, November 5 & 6 2016, was the first Blair Upper Cervical Seminar ever held in Australia.

Upper Cervical Seminar Australia - A Growing Demand

Just to be clear, this was not the first Upper Cervical Seminar ever held in Australia. Those honours go to Dr Joe Ierano, who teaches Atlas Orthogonal in Sydney. Also, two weeks ago Dr Shawn Dill came all the way out from California to host an Art of the Specific Seminar, in Melbourne. Even myself, earlier this year I hosted two Upper Cervical workshops for chiropractic students:

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  1. Introduction to Upper Cervical, followed by
  2. Introduction to Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

However, these events were introductions only. We did not show how to take the specialised x-rays that Blair Upper Cervical doctors take. We did not show how to analyse those x-rays in order to determine how to adjust. And we did not show how to determine when to adjust. This was the first true-blue Blair Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia where we discussed not just the why and what, but also the where, when and how to do the work.

Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia - Review

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Six dedicated doctors attended the event. Of interesting and unexpected note, all 6 doctors practice in Queensland! And talk about dedication, one of these doctors had a baby due that very weekend! (… and a healthy baby boy was born the next day.)

The seminar started with the Saturday morning mind-bending session. We covered the Upper Cervical rationale, neurology and abridged history including the history of the Blair technique. Next we launched into Dr Blair’s research on spinal asymmetry and the major implications of asymmetry when it comes to patient care.

Then we got into the real meat of the seminar. We analysed C1 biomechanics and how to measure the unique ways that the atlas moves in every single person. Saturday afternoon, we broke into groups to work through the Blair basic C1 adjustments … and yes, there was sweat and a few achy muscles! We also did a few x-ray setups and analysis.

The next morning, we continued where we left off. We practised more adjustments, and we completed our x-ray series with the unique Blair Protracto views. Credit to everyone, who worked through lunch to make sure that we did not skip the all-important part of determining when and when not to adjust.

We could only introduce the tenants of Thermography, but we were able to cover the Blair (Prill) leg checks in sufficient detail that all the attending doctors would have enough tools to get back into practice on Monday and apply some of the knowledge that they learned over the weekend.

Closing Remarks - Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia

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Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Australia

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If I do say so myself, I think that was a pretty good first innings! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge with such a passionate group of doctors. And I hope that I was able to give them something of great value that will make a difference in their practice and in the lives of their patients also.

Thank you guys for coming! My impression is that there is a growing interest in Upper Cervical Care among Australian chiropractors. It is like chiropractors are ready to open “He-who-shall-not-be-named’s forbidden black box of mystery from the ‘dark era’ of chiropractic.” And what they discover there is both as scientific and it is profound!

The 2017 Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia

With Atlas Orthogonal and Art of the Specific seminars already planned for 2017, it is fantastic that doctors will have many choices! I hope to be there for these myself! For myself and the Blair seminars in 2017, get ready Australia.

I plan in late February/March to host a combined Intro to Blair Upper Cervical workshop. A few weeks later, I will host the Blair Level 1 Basic Seminar for the next class of doctors. But that’s just Level 1! In late June/July, I plan to host the Blair Level 2 Intermediate Seminar where we will cover all things about the axis (C2) and opposite-side adjustments: i.e., the atlas is misaligned towards the right side … but we’re going to adjust it from the left side! …

And if all goes according to plan, around this same time in late October/November I will host a Blair Level 3 Advanced Seminar where we will cover double misalignments: i.e., the atlas is misaligned to the left and right side at the exact same time. … How in the world does that happen?

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It does and I can show it! So if you want to learn about that, watch this space! Sound like something interesting? Even if it is a few months away, if you are interested in attending any of these events, please contact my officeHope to see you in 2017!   Jeffrey Hannah Atlas Health Australia Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia

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