North Lakes Doctor wins Blair Chiropractor of the Year 2017

Posted in Event on Dec 5, 2017

Did you know that Dr. Jeff was awarded the Blair Chiropractor of the Year award for 2017? It was back in October when Jeff and Natalie went to Las Vegas in October for the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Conference (plus a little "rest" in Zion National Park).

In case you did not know, a "Blair Chiropractor" is the specific type of upper cervical care that Dr. Jeff specializes in. From the official website, "The Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Technique is a specific system of analyzing and adjusting the upper cervical vertebrae of the spinal column ...

The purpose of the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique is not to diagnose or treat diseases or conditions, but to analyze and correct vertebral subluxations in an accurate, precise and specific manner to allow the body’s intelligence (see chiropractic philosophy), to mend, repair and maintain health from within."

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The annual meeting always concludes with a presentation of previous winners including past presidents of the Blair Chiropractic Society, internationally renowned researchers, authors, speakers, and diplomates. And the winner for 2017 is none other than Dr. Jeffrey Hannah of Atlas Health Australia in North Lakes, Brisbane, who is the first non-American to receive the award. (Yes, we know that Dr. Jeff is Canadian and trained in the USA ...

BUT he never studied Blair Chiropractic until he was already a citizen of Australia, so it counts as a legitimate local victory!)

From the Blair Chiropractor Website

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If you have not had the opportunity to check out the website, now would be a good time where they included this bio on Dr. Jeff:  The official announcement from the Blair Chiropractor Website.

"Dr. Jeffrey Hannah is a second-generation chiropractor, who was born in Toronto, Canada. At 12 years old, his family moved from Vancouver to Iowa for his dad to accept a teaching position at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

After attending high school, university (St Ambrose, 2004, valedictorian), and then chiropractic college (Palmer, 2007, salutatorian) all in Davenport, Jeff decided to listen to the “small voice” in his head, which said that he was meant to go elsewhere.

Dr. Jeff practiced Atlas Orthogonal for five years before attending an Upper Cervical symposium in New Zealand, where he was introduced to Blair's work. Over the next few months, he converted and rebranded the practice to “Atlas Health Australia,” which is currently one of only two Blair Upper Cervical practices on the continent.

Over the next few years, Dr. Jeff traveled back-and-forth to attend as many seminars as he could in order to complete proficiency, primary, and then advanced certification in October 2017.

"Dr. Jeff instructed the first Blair Upper Cervical seminar in Australia in November 2016, followed by 5 additional seminars plus 2 online training modules in 2017.

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"Somewhere in the past 10 years, Dr. Jeff published The Doctors Who Give No Medicine, which outlines the story of how he got into Upper Cervical in the first place. He also worked as a clinical supervisor at Macquarie University, and now as a philosophy instructor and guest speaker at Central Queensland University.

"Dr. Jeff and Natalie now work together at their office in North Lakes (north Brisbane) to provide the highest quality care to people from across Australia searching for the solutions to their health challenges.

Dr. Jeff is especially grateful for all his mentors, his parents, and his wife whose unconditional encouragement has allowed them both to experience crazy, challenging, and yet wonderful things along the way. When they aren't working, they are probably still out there somewhere running on the trails through Brisbane Forest Park or the Sunshine Coast Hinterland …"

Congratulations Dr. Jeff Hannah on receiving this prestigious award!

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