Brisbane's 1st Upper Cervical Seminar

Posted in Personal Development on Mar 19, 2016

  On March 11th & 12th, Atlas Health hosted Brisbane’s first Upper Cervical Seminar: Intro to Principles & Practice. Yay! The original plan was to host a Blair Upper Cervical seminar and to invite over a couple of experienced doctors from the USA to present.

Alas, it just wasn’t quite economically viable. I decided than instead to offer this basic seminar specifically designed for students as a follow up to some of the introductory presentations that I did in West End and Mackay last month.

It was a delight to work and share chiropractic with Dr. Maybelle Heng (New Zealand) and the future Dr. Matt Sulman (Brisbane). They are very fast learners, and after even just a few hours were grasping concepts that take a great many Upper Cervical students and chiropractors months to grasp.

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I hope to see you both for the next one! Then the following two days (March 13th and 14th) I had the good pleasure to host Dr. Graham Dobson (New Zealand) and Dr. Frank Sandberg (Maroochydore) for an advanced Blair Chiropractic workshop. I emphasize the workshop because there was just as much “instructing” as there was learning.

Dr. Dobson has been inactive chiropractic practice for over 45 years and has given many more years as the technique director at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Dr. Sandberg comes from a long line of chiropractors from Europe (including a grandmother who studied at the Palmer School of Chiropractic under the direct tutelage of Dr. BJ Palmer) and is both an Atlas Specific but also an animal chiropractor on the Sunny Coast.

So I too have plenty to learn from each of them! All-in-all, it was a packed weekend, both exhausting and energizing. Point being, there is a growing interest in Upper Cervical care, and with good fortune and a little elbow grease, we will see more Atlas chiropractors not just in Brisbane, but throughout Australia.

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For chiropractors and chiropractic students, more information on the next Upper Cervical Seminar can be found here. We are aiming for a late 2016 or early 2017 event. Hope to see you there!

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