The Chiropractic Combination Lock

Posted in Nervous System Disorders on Apr 13, 2016

For some people, solving their health problems is like opening a combination lock. Why do some people get pain relief easily while others suffer despite seeing everyone, including chiropractic? In all forms of healing, you read stories of remarkable, even miraculous healing.

Upper Cervical Care is no different. If you visit UpperCervicalCare you will find no shortage of really amazing stories of people healing from neuralgia, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis plus many other “incurable” conditions. … But does this mean that Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a cure-all?

Absolutely not. I call this particular problem “the combination lock.” A combination lock requires 3 or more digits that must be entered in the correct sequence in order for the lock to open. Applying this analogy to the human body, some people who experience a health issue have only one number to solve. They see their primary physician, chiropractor or another health provider, who correctly identifies the problem; provides appropriate specific care; and lo-and-behold, they get well! Of course, this doesn’t always happen.

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  • What if the health provider doesn’t correctly identify the problem (ie wrong digit)?
  • What if the patient has more than one issue that is contributing towards the problem (ie 2 or 3+ numbers in the combination)?
  • What if the health provider(s) have correctly identified the problem and all the contributing variables … but apply them in the wrong sequence?

Add into the mix the element of time (healing takes time!) plus limitations of matter (some damage cannot be undone) plus limitations of human knowledge (for all our advances in health and medical research, there are still many great mysteries), not every person gets well with every form of health care.

Even in Upper Cervical chiropractic, it has been written (paraphrased) that there are no incurable conditions, just incurable cases. In other words, the symptoms and problems that people experience are multi-factorial. Chiropractic is an essential part to help get them well but It will take more than just chiropractic to get well.

They are a combination lock. If any of us suffer health problems, we hope for a relatively quick and straight-forward solution. Alas, that is not always the case. Some of us spend months, years or even decades seeking answers and resolutions.

Sometimes we find them, other times we don’t. It is little comfort when a person still struggles even after a few weeks of care, but sometimes we need this perspective that our efforts are not in vain, but part of the process to solving the combination lock … and that even the “unsuccessful” efforts are still steps in the correct direction. To quote Dr. Daniel Clark, “As long as there is a breath of life in a patient, there is hope.”

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