When Treatment is Not "Medically Necessary"

Posted in Nervous System Disorders Did You Know? on Sep 13, 2016

When is chiropractic care NOT medically necessary? Let me give this bizarre statement some context. Medical care is a treatment - an intervention for a specific, identified symptom or problem. “You have Problem ‘X,’ so we are going to give you Solution ‘Y’ to treat Problem ‘X.’” From a medical perspective, you need to have a problem with your health that is affecting your life before treatment is necessary.

I have a family history of pernicious anemia (B12 deficiency that affects the blood and nervous system). Many B12 deficiencies are actually sub-clinical: i.e., the blood tests for B12 look normal, but the person is not digesting the vitamin properly.

At the best of times, B12 is absorbed extremely poorly - especially if a person has low stomach acid, which is actually associated with heartburn and reflux (not an excessive amount of acid like most people believe). Sublingual tablets or sprays, though helpful, are not nearly as good as B12 injections, which have pretty much nil side effects.

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I once had a series of blood tests that came back as normal. Still, I wanted to give it a shot (no pun intended) to see if B12 would boost my overall energy levels. To quote the GP I visited in North Lakes, “I see no medical reason that you need a B12 injection,” and the GP refused to do so.

Let’s Apply this Treatment Logic Elsewhere

What are the implications of this type of thinking? Let’s put it to the test. If there is no medical reason to do something until there is a problem - i.e. not being interested in prevention or the preservation of optimum health, but waiting until something bad shows itself - then from a medical standpoint …

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  • There is no need to have a good diet until you are obese.
  • There is no need to exercise until you are obese.
  • And there is no need for chiropractic care until your body is falling apart.

I hope you agree with me that this type of thinking doesn’t make sense. If something is medically wrong and specific intervention for Problem ‘X’ is required, medical care is necessary. This is also the point in time when most people decide that they need chiropractic care: when they are experiencing a certain symptom of the problem, and they are looking for treatment.

But, like diet and exercise, that is not the way that chiropractic works. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is Not a Treatment Think of it this way: is a healthy diet a treatment for high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol? Actually, no it isn’t.

A good diet contributes to a variety of positive health outcomes including normal blood pressure, normal blood sugar, normal weight, and so forth … but these symptoms improve as the side effects or the byproduct of healthy living.

Same with exercise: does going to the gym, pilates, or running fix or treat any disease or condition? Not at all, but the expected outcome is that it improves your overall health and demeanor and. Does stuff still happen to very fit people? Of course. However, exercise increases the probability that you will be well and healthy for a better quality of life in so many ways.

The way that chiropractic works, simply, is by facilitating the body’s own resources - the central nervous system - to heal the way it supposed to, on its own within limitations of time and matter. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care - i.e. a clear communication pathway between the brain and body through the upper neck, which controls it all - is one of the 5 essential elements to health (the other 4 being diet, exercise, sleep, and eustress … not distress, but that is the topic of another article).

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Is chiropractic care medically necessary? If you allow your body to fall apart, yes, but hopefully you use chiropractic as a proactive way to preserve your optimal health … the irony is that this type of care - the true value of chiropractic care - is not “medically necessary.”

What a strange world we live in! Atlas Health Australia in North Lakes is the Upper Cervical Health and Life Care Centre in Brisbane. Like diet and exercise, Atlas Chiropractic Care in Brisbane is not a "medical treatment" but a way to be as healthy as possible.

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