The FREE Life Hack to Sit Up Straight

Posted in Chiropractic on Feb 2, 2017

The Life Hack to Sit Up Straight

Are you always telling your kids to sit up straight at school and home … but then you find yourself slouching just as bad when you are at work? You can spend $1000+ for a fancy chair that probably won’t work. You can invest in a standing desk - also $1000+ - but find you just aren’t as productive.

Or you can use this FREE life hack trick, which will have you sitting up remarkably straighter with little or no extra effort. Sit so that only the bones on your butt contact only the edge of the chair (or stool). Sit Up Straight

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They are called "Sitting Bones" for a reason!

The bones I’m talking about are part of your hip and called the ischial tuberosities (aka sitting bones). Do not sit back in your chair, and do not let your thighs contact the seat. The only part of your butt that should be contacting your seat are these bones. This is similar to how you would sit on a bicycle.

 The secret to sit up straight is to sit on the ischial tuberosities without letting your thighs contact your chair. Look what happens when you sit this way! You sit up straighter automatically and why much less effort than you think. Plus you will find it is much harder to slump forwards or backward even if you try!

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This way of sitting is much better for people with low back, hip, and pelvic injuries of all kinds. It is also much better You might notice these bones are a bit sore if you’re not used to sitting this way. Stick with it and you will find it gets easier and easier.

If you still find it uncomfortable, or if you have a condition known as ischial bursitis, you can modify this way of sitting by placing a small towel, pillow, or cushion to soften your chair. Good luck with a straighter, better you!

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