Level Up - The 3 Month Healing Cycles

Posted in Chiropractic on Dec 12, 2016

Your body corrects itself in alternating three-month healing cycles of repair and stabilisation. What this means is that your adjustment, which may be stable for weeks at a time, becomes unstable every three months as your body does an additional repair to take you to a higher state of health.

Visualize several mountains with yourself as a mountain climber who has to climb up and down to the top of each to reach the next level. Or maybe look west past North Lakes towards the hills at Brisbane Forest Park, which is actually a series of undulating up-and-down hills. Once you reach the top of one peak, the only way to get to the next is to go down a little bit, and then ascend to the apex of the next.  

Healing Isn't Straight Upwards

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The body heals itself in cycles. People generally start at the bottom. They have a problem or issue, and they decide they need to see a Chiropractor and do something about it ... and they start to get better. Everyone hopes their symptoms will improve in an upward, exponential movement, but they don't.

 Healing happens in a series of ups and downs that occurs over weeks, month, or years depending on how long you've been putting off care. When the body is healing itself, there is an initial six-week tissue repair.  This is generally when people have the most volatility in their symptoms. 

Towards the end of the six weeks, your body will have spent lots of energy, and it now stabilizes into a rest phase. Here, people often say, "they feel better, but it's like they have plateaued." Its because they have!

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... Then 3 Months Later for "No Good Reason"

At the end of the stabilization period, the body has rested well enough that it is able to rise to the next level ... but in order to climb that next mountain, it means that your symptoms have the tendency to return and/or your adjustments simply do not hold as long as they were before.

And then you may wonder, "What happened? Everything was going so well!" It is not a bad thing (though it may seem like it). It simply means that you are on time and ready to heal up to the next level. Whether we like the rules of how the human body work (or not), we all have to play by those rules.

If this sounds like you or if/when you've been in this situation before, I hope that it clarifies the issue. Don't panic if you feel like your symptoms aren't improving or if suddenly, of no good reason, it seems like you're sliding backward.

True, you may be, but on the other hand, you may just be in that part of your healing cycle. The only way to know? That's why we recommend the Atlas health checkups every few weeks/months.

To make sure that if something has slipped as a part of a normal repair cycle that we can correct the problem before you slip all the way back to the bottom. Have you been putting off your checkup maybe a little bit too long?

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If you've visited us before, give us a ring and we'll be happy to help you get back on track. To contact Dr. Jeff Hannah, please call 07 3188 9329. There are healing repair cycles in your body that happen every 3 months, which is one reason that your adjustment may not hold forever.

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