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Posted in Chiropractic on Jan 21, 2016

Medicare does not and cannot help you to improve your health. How’s that for a bold statement? Let me explain, in the arena of health and medicine, politicians, doctors and especially the media use a series of words interchangeably when, in fact, they have very different meanings: For a start, let’s look at the difference between medical care and health care: ie, the difference between medicine and health (because they are not the same thing).

Medical care is just that: a treatment or therapy aimed at saving lives when there is severe injury or dysfunction within the body, or at relieving symptoms. So what’s wrong with that? Nothing! Whether it is Stage IV cancer, kidney dialysis, orthopedic, or other surgery, this is the arena where medicine shines.

And truly, this is what Medicare is designed for Medi-care = medical care. As essential as medical care is in all-out lives, works only when you are so severely damaged or so severely sick that radical action is necessary, or that the symptoms you are experiencing are so severe that medical intervention is necessary until an appropriate solution is found.

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Herein is another word that often gets thrown into the mix used interchangeably with ‘health’ and ‘medicine’, and that word is ‘pharmacology.’ Medicine is not pharma, and pharma is only one part of medicine. Medical care may involve a number of different treatments including medication, but it also includes other therapies such as surgery, rehab, and what is dubbed ‘medical-practice.’ What is wrong with that? Again, nothing! However, let’s say that you are suffering headaches or even something like cancer.

The medical intervention (pharmaceuticals, radiotherapy) may be necessary to save your life, but then what? Is the cause of headaches a lack of Neurofen or Panadol in the bloodstream? Or is the cause of cancer a lack of chemotherapy?

Of course not! However, as often as the questions are asked—“What is the cause of headaches?” What is the cause of cancer?”—the medical side of the equation has no answers. Why? Because the cause of these and other conditions that cause people to suffer has nothing to do with the practice of medicine but has everything to do with the practice of health. (And it is in the cause that you will find the cure).

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What do I mean by this? Well, with the exception of emergency trauma, before most health problems register on the medical-care radar, they have usually been ongoing for several years if not decades prior without any symptoms! Osteoporosis doesn’t appear on an x-ray until there is at least a 60% loss of healthy bone density.

Cancer, depending on the type of cells affected, isn’t detectable until it is at least 1mm in diameter (several months or even several years). And heart attacks –the first and most common first symptom of heart disease—often do not occur until arteries are blocked 90% or more.

The point is that a loss of health is a process—a long process—that happens long before medical care is necessary. Thus, if you are able to take appropriate measures to maintain your health, it puts the odds in your favor that medical care may never be needed.

The purpose of medical care is to treat symptoms and to save lives when people’s lives are at risk. Thereafter, the purpose of health care has two parts: first to restore health beyond just the basic survival lever, and second to maintain health as optimally as possible.

So you see, medical and health care are not the same even though the terms are often used interchangeably. Upper Cervical Care and all forms of chiropractic belong in the health care arena. We are concerned with the symptoms and conditions that people suffer, but we realize that these symptoms and problems are usually the byproducts of failing to understand the difference between medical care and health care.

With regards, a vertebra that slips and locks out of its normal alignment to cause irritation and dysfunction of nerves, these types of injuries are almost always caused by an injury (yesterday or 30 years ago) that either you or a GP or a paramedic or some other health professional decided wasn’t a serious medical injury (eg broken bone or dislocation).

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However, only a chiropractor is trained to look for a partial slip of a vertebra (called a subluxation) that may not cause an immediate medical emergency, but certainly causes an immediate change in health status causing the body to subtly but surely deteriorate over a period of years … the ultimate consequence then becoming a medical emergency.

As powerful as the restorative value of chiropractic is, the true value of chiropractic is in the maintenance of the body from health care, not a medical care standpoint. It is in the prevention, not the cure of dis-ease. All forms of medical and health care have their time and place in the arena.

What is important is that all of us—medical doctors, chiropractors, other health professionals, yourself, politicians, and the general public—realizes the true value of every service that is available and how to best use each of them to best save and maintain lives in the most effective, fastest and least expensive way possible.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is principled in the art and philosophy of natural healing laws. Specifically, the human body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism; and the brainstem, which sits within the upper two vertebrae in the neck is the master control system of that body.

Therefore, if through an injury that part of the spine is affected, causing interference with the brainstem, the inevitable result is the breakdown of normal body function, the end result being symptoms, pain, and incoordination/dis-ease.

The purpose of Upper Cervical Care is to restore the normal alignment of those two vertebrae and thus restore the body’s own best ability to heal and maintain itself in active organization. How do you know if you are truly healthy? For a free health assessment, please fill out the form below or contact our office at 07 3188 9329.

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