Health and Wellbeing – Why Do You Need to See a Chiropractor if You Feel Fine?

Posted in Chiropractic on Jan 21, 2016

Should you only see a chiropractor when you have a problem? And if you’re feeling fine, does that mean you don’t need to see a chiropractor? The answer to both questions is, ‘absolutely no!’ Yes, most people first visit a chiropractor because they are experiencing pain or other symptoms that are negatively impacting their life, and they want some type of relief.

Over time chiropractic can often help these people restore their health and get back on track with life. But what happens then? Does that mean that injuries and problems with the body will never happen again? If you take your car for a 10,000km service, does that mean it never needs service again?

Or if you see your dentist after filling a cavity, does that mean you are immune to any further dental issues. Of course not! There is an old expression about chiropractic: “In the future, chiropractic will be valued as much for its preventative as its restorative value.” In other words, helping people get out of pain is only 50% of what chiropractic has to offer. The other 50% is arguably the more important half: that is, helping you from becoming unwell in the first place.

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Let’s look at the chart attached to this article. The top green zone is 100% health. The bottom red zone is severely unhealthy when you may be experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed with some type of ‘disease.’ The yellow zone is the area between where your body is either in a state of ‘salutogenesis’ (getting better or healthier) or ‘pathogenesis’ (getting worse or sicker).

Either way, if you are in the yellow zone, you may or may not be expressing symptoms. That’s right: you may have no symptoms at all but be on a downward trajectory towards disease. Or you may still have symptoms but are actually on the right path to health.

Most people base their health on how they feel. If they feel fine, they assume they are in the green zone. If they don’t feel well, they assume they are in the red. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you base your health decision on how you feel alone, you are operating your life like a pilot flying a commercial airline you most likely live your life oscillating between the red and yellow zones going from one crisis to the next. That is not healthy or healthy living.

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Let’s say you go through the healing process out of the red and into the yellow. Does that mean you are fixed? Nope. If you are in the red, it takes time to get back into the green, and this includes a significant length of time to health even when you’re already feeling fine.

Even when you do get back into the green, does that mean that nothing can go wrong in the future? Again no. The same as your care needing its maintenance checkup or your dentist checking your teeth, your bodywork best and strongest with regular maintenance care.

How much care depends much on the individual. In my opinion from the chiropractic standpoint, the entry point to ‘wellbeing’ is when in spite of all the stress that occurs in your life that your body is still strong enough to be able to maintain an adjustment ot correction for at least one month.

We have to face the fact that among the repetitive traumas we experience as the result of too much time sitting, texting, and working plus the chemical, mental and electromagnetic forces that affect our physiology, we are bombarded in a sea of micro-traumas every day that cause the body to subluxate.

Unless we are prepared to live the way that humankind lived 300 years ago, these sources of stress are unavoidable. Therefore, the best thing that we can do is to fortify our bodies by making sure that we take good care of them by having regular maintenance.

Not only does this include physical exercise, but it also includes a regular chiropractic visit and checkup—hopefully not that you need to be adjusted every single time, but to ensure that everything is working properly. And if not, correcting it while your health is still in the green or yellow, but certainly not the red. If your spine is subluxated and not letting the normal 100% life messages travel between your brain and your body, the inevitable consequence of all that is sickness and pain.

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Thus, the greatest value of chiropractic care is in the prevention of dis-ease. It is for the person who is feeling fine, who has no symptoms, and who wants to keep it that way. When your nervous system, your body, and your life energy are flowing as close as possible to 100% from above-down, inside-out, that is how you keep well not just today but into your 80s, 90s, and beyond.

Who do you most care about in your life that you want to be well and healthy? Yourself? Your spouse? Your children? Your parents? Your best friend? Who do you believe would most benefit from seeing a chiropractor just to make sure that everything is truly well?

Atlas Health in North Lakes offers a no-charge, no-obligation health assessment for you and your family. We will let you know exactly what we find and our best recommendations to keep you well or to help you do even better. If you would like to schedule this appointment for you or a family member, call our office at 07 3188 9329.

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