How Chiropractic Medicine Works to Improve Your Health

Posted in Did You Know? on Jul 3, 2019

Chiropractic medicine is an all-natural way to improve your body’s health. Chiropractic medicine is based on the relationship between the body’s structure (your spine’s alignment) and the body’s function (the nervous system); it is the study of how a changing structure (your spine) affects the functions of the nervous system.

The nervous system allows all parts of the body to communicate and oversees your body’s natural functions: It collects sensory input from the body and the environment around you, processes and interprets the input, and responds accordingly to the input.

The input collected allows your body to adapt and react to the environment or situation, sickness, and injury. For the nervous system to function accordingly, the brain stem needs to make sure you have the proper flow of messages and signals from the brain to the nervous system.

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In chiropractic medicine, it is known if the brain stem is pinched or compressed, the body’s messages become distorted and lead to various issues within the body. If the brain stem is not allowing a proper flow of messages, it becomes harder for the body to fight off sickness and repair itself.

To add to this, a pinched or compressed brain stem could lead to difficulty in other bodily functions, such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, fatigue, swallowing, nerve sensory, and more. It can cause a loss of blood to the brain and trigger headaches or migraines.

The nerves can become inflamed from the pressure and, if left untreated, could cause permanent nerve damage. The brain stem is the primary part of the body that oversees all functions the body needs to stay alive.

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Our bodies are extremely complex and do so much automatically to keep us healthy and alive. The use of upper cervical chiropractic medicine is crucial to our body’s natural health. In upper cervical chiropractic medicine, adjustments are made to take the pressure off the brain stem to regulate the flow of messages.

When we look at the top two bones of the spine, your upper cervical area, they are right under the base of the skull in the neck region. The top two bones called the Atlas and the Axis, have the purpose of protecting the brain stem and keeping it aligned. When one or both bones are misaligned, the brain stem is pressed up against by the misalignment.

Upper cervical chiropractic medicine focuses on various ways to adjust the brain stem depending on how it is misaligned. After an adjustment is made that corrects the misalignment, the flow of messages opens and begins the healing process to fix damaged tissue, nerves, and other nervous system functions a patient might have had. If the misalignment was around for quite some time, more adjustments may be needed. This is because when a misalignment occurs, the muscles and tissue surrounding the misalignment will tighten and weaken; limiting your movements and causing tight muscles or pain in the area. The longer a misalignment is around, the more the body’s system will weaken over time that could lead to various health conditions.

Unlike medication or surgery, chiropractic medicine allows the body to target the cause of the issue rather than the symptoms. Targeting symptoms of a problem will never solve what is causing it. Thanks to chiropractic medicine, the body is given a chance to improve its condition to fight off causes of the symptoms you experience.

Patients who have had an upper cervical adjustment have felt changes through their bodies shortly after having their upper cervical area realigned. Unlike general chiropractic, upper cervical chiropractic medicine adjusts the patient’s misalignment without any popping or cracking involved; instead, the upper cervical adjustment is very precise and gentle making it safe for all ages, including newborns. In fact, chiropractic medicine is great for improving children’s health without having any negative side effects that come with all medications.

For example, children who get sick often could find upper cervical chiropractic medicine very beneficial to help them overcome sickness faster and strengthen their immune system. There is an important link between your brain and the immune system and if the communication pathway is disrupted (your brain stem) it could slow down your healing process or make your body incapable of healing itself completely. 

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A pinched brain stem will also affect how the brain works. Patients who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have also noticed an improvement in their ability to focus and think clearly after adjustments.

This is because a pinched brain stem decreases blood flow (oxygen) to the brain and changes the way the brain behaves. Medication used to treat ADD can change moods along with a list of other side effects including sleep apnea, dizziness, irritability, weight loss, and decreased appetite – making upper cervical chiropractic medicine a much healthier alternative.

The purpose of medication is to make you feel comfortable, not fix the problem. Quick-relief might be desired, but an accurate fix will last you much longer. Having adjustments will allow your body to stay functioning as it should and help you become as healthy as you can be. With proper brain to body communication, the body can fix many issues that arise: It will keep your blood regulated, reduce tension or stress put on the body, take away inflammation, and encourage proper automatic bodily functions including breathing, blood pressure, digestion, sleep cycles, and reflexes. 

Upper cervical chiropractic medicine will provide patients with proper upper cervical alignment. Depending on the severity of their misalignment, more adjustments may be needed to hold the alignment in place; however, as the muscles and tissue strengthen overtime during the alignments, your body will become stronger and more able to hold the adjustments for long periods of time.

As your body improves, the amount of adjustments significantly decreases. While medication is used as soon as symptoms arrive and will not help you get better, upper cervical chiropractic medicine works by helping you heal so you will not need them.

It is important to keep in mind that symptoms are our body’s way of telling us something is not right – they are our warning signs.

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Gold Coast Upper Cervical Chiropractor

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Therefore, getting rid of just the symptoms is like putting colored tape over a check engine light: You may no longer see the irritating warning signs, but the problem is still there getting worse over time. Instead of masking these symptoms upper cervical chiropractic medicine concentrates on fixing what’s causing them, naturally and safely.

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