Chiropractic Philosophy in 2016: Not Just for the Greeks

Posted in Chiropractic on Aug 3, 2016

Believe it or not, chiropractic philosophy is where everything in your life starts … or at the very least, the general philosophy is the foundation for everything in your life. We're not talking old Greek guys in robes, but about how the very structure of your beliefs about the world directly shape your life … for better or for worse!

I just arrived back home to North Lakes from another successful chiropractic philosophy trip to Mackay, and there are a few gems from that trip I’d like to share with you also. I was just back in March I was first invited to chat with the chiropractic students at the CQU campus in Mackay, so I must have said something well enough to be invited back to their official Chiropractic Philosophy Night.

I was the fourth speaker for the night (and may have chatted a little too long), but I hope that I was able to give everyone in the room something important to digest.

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The Horse and the Carriage - Chiropractic Philosophy

That was the name of the talk I gave. To summarise briefly, within chiropractic there have been decades-long debates on the role of philosophy in chiropractic. Is chiropractic science only? Or how does it differ philosophically from other forms of healing?

The argument I presented was based on the works by philosopher and author Ayn Rand and Patrick Gentempo that no matter who you are or what you do that every human being has a philosophy (ie, a way of acting and understanding the world). This applies to all areas of life:

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The point is that either you define your philosophy yourself OR you amass a messy series of ideas that become your life. The more ordered and coherent your purpose and philosophy, the greater power you have in your life. However, the less order and more chaos in your mind, the less power you have in your life.

The Message for You

In Mackay, I presented the notion that in chiropractic we require philosophy as a way of understanding health and healing FIRST—the horse BEFORE the carriage—and that understanding should drive the actions and research that we as a profession take.

Similarly for you in Brisbane, North Lakes, or wherever you may be reading this when you take the time and make the effort to define clearly your own life philosophy—“This is who I am. This is what I believe. This is what I stand for. And this is what I will do with my life.”—it gives you clarity and power in your life. It doesn’t mean that any/all of your problems will up and disappear, but it will provide you the means to work through the challenges in your life to achieve the things that matter the most for you. A bit of a different post than I’ve written recently, but I hope herein you’ve found some good value and sage advice—I know I have!

A Report on David & Joan

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Both Mom and Dad are doing well in Mackay … Dad working too many hours (per usual), but both very much enjoying the northern scenery. They say “hello” and send their love to those who got to know them too.

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