Dr Jeff's Blog #2 - Do You Value the $#!T out of Yourself?

Posted in Personal Development on Nov 12, 2018

Last month I shared with you some of the value in the coaching work I’m doing with Jim Fortin. That process is ongoing, but I want to rotate the topic to include the other elements I’ve come across in the past month that you may find valuable in your own life.

1. Identity and Personal Development

(Skip for this month. If you haven’t had the chance to do so, go back to check our last month’s article dedicated 100% to this topic.).

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2. Health & Wellbeing - A Test to see if You Will Develop Vertigo?

I want to share with you something I have observed in almost 100% of people who experience vertigo, chronic dizziness, and trigeminal neuralgia (severe face pain) since I started looking for it at the beginning of 2018. It is a "torso twist."

Posture isn't a laziness problem. Its a sign of tension or distress on your nervous system. Upper cervical care may be able to help!

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The New Office Manager at Atlas North Lakes

The New Office Manager at Atlas North Lakes

Jul 07, 2016

I’ve written previously about the importance of myofascia in your physical health. As a quick summary, myofascia is like Glad-wrap that envelops the entire human body in a dense, cobweb-like matrix that contains an immense number of nerve receptors. Myofascia plays an integral part in how humans stand upright.

Deviations in your posture reflect intelligent adaptations that your brain makes in order to allow your body to remain upright as effortlessly as possibly. However, if you have experienced injuries in the past - or layers of injuries - this system can start to breakdown, leading to arthritis, muscle strains and pain. Understanding your posture assists in identifying the sequences of injuries that have occurred affecting a person’s health … and more importantly in figuring out how to retrace a person’s back to health.

One of the posture factors that I look at is how your shoulders appear relative to your hips. When you stand, ideally your left and right shoulders (and hips) and sitting square with each other. If you have something misaligned in your spine, your body may start to compensate where the right shoulder and the right hip both rotate forwards relative to the left side.

You can see this for yourself standing in front of a mirror with your feet pointed straight ahead. If its a close call, you can gently twist your torso and then your hips independently to see if one side is more stuck forwards (or backwards than the other).

A normal spine adaptation to physical stress is where your shoulder and hip on the same side rotate forwards, and then where your head pivots slightly in the opposite direction. That pattern effectively reduces tension to your brainstem and spinal cord.

Note: I didn’t figure any of this stuff out. Full credit goes to Dr Russell Friedman of the Quantum Spinal Mechanics (QSM3) chiropractic method in pointing me to pay attention to the twist as “the limiting factor in a person’s ability to respond to care.”

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Because “busy” is a 4-letter word!

Because “busy” is a 4-letter word!

Feb 03, 2019

So what if that doesn’t happen?

A breakdown in the normal myofascial tone - like a crushed can - can produce kinks or twists that negatively impact your health.

For example, what if your right hip is rotated backwards but your right shoulder has actually rotated forwards? That is the type of twist that I’m describing, and I have seen it with nearly 50 people who experience vertigo, dizziness or neuralgia (with only 1 exception) since I started to observe that pattern at the beginning of the year.

Think of it like a downward twist that ends up pulling your brainstem and spine in opposing directions. Thus, when you do certain movements that create more twist (e.g., leaning certain directions, sleeping in bed the wrong way) it makes your symptoms worse! But when you do movements the exact opposite way - in our example, twisting the right hip forwards and the left hip backwards - it actually helps to ease things!

Identifying this type of pattern, no matter what symptom you may experience may be a missing piece in the puzzle to helping you restore and maintain your wellbeing! Now, I don’t have it all figured out as far as what it means …yet.  Nevertheless, I’m excited that I may be onto something that may prove extremely valuable.

3. Business and Wealth - “I value the $#!t out of myself.”

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Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia - Melbourne 2016

Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia - Melbourne 2016

Oct 25, 2016

For a few years, both Natalie and I have listened to podcasts from Garrett J White, the founder of Wake Up Warrior and creator of the Warrior Book (found at warriorbook.com). … Listen to the podcast, as you’ll get the joke.

I first heard of Garrett White through another podcast that I was listening to and have since been listening to his active podcast Date Your Wife that he co-hosts with his wife, Danielle. The two of them build and banter on four rotating topics: sex, money, parenting and communication.

Important note: if you have an aversion to the “F” word, do NOT listen to this podcast! But if you’re not offended with a lot of swears, this is an amazing podcast!

Definitely one of my favourite podcasts of the past 3 years: Garrett J and Danielle White at dateyourwifenow.com. Explicit lyrics. 

I was listening to Podcast Episode #41 (Magic in the Moments) of a live event they were conducting was a lady, who was describing an emotional story. In brief, she was a hairdresser who had given herself so deeply into her business but was still struggling, having almost nothing to show for it. Realising that something had to change, she made a series of changes starting with her identity

… See how this loops back to the stuff from Jim Fortin last month

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Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia #1

Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia #1

Nov 08, 2016

The quote that the lady said in the podcast that stuck with me was how “Before she made the change, she didn’t value herself, but now, she values the $#!t out of herself.”

Now here is the inspiring, spine-tingling and emotional part. She proceeded to explain, in tears, how her business shattered, losing 80% of her client base!

As horrific as she said the experience was, as one of the coaches on the podcast described, that when she finally chose to value herself all the stuff in her life that was actually holding her back - the $#!t - fell to the wayside to make room for things in her life becoming of the person she chose to be.

I take what I take from that, but let me ask you: where is your life are you doing something for other people - even if you do love them - but that it is actually taking away from your self-esteem to be the greater version of yourself that you believe is possible?

There is only one time ... the Present.

Not at all to say that the people or circumstances in your life should all be dumped! Simply, what changes in your life would make the greatest potential difference in realising the health, wealth and happiness that you truly desire?

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The 1st Intro to Blair Chiropractic Seminar in Australia

The 1st Intro to Blair Chiropractic Seminar in Australia

Sep 19, 2016
  • Pretty self-explanatory! If you don't care for yourself, no one else will. Is your current job nice because it pays the bills … but in the same breath the very thing that limits you from achieving the level of financial freedom that you actually want?
  • Are your current relationships (including friendships) nice because you have companionship … but are these same relationships keeping you from growing in other areas of your own life?

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Simply, do you have the nerve to answer them honestly and with clarity? What is your life do you really want? And what changes must you make in your life if you genuinely want to achieve it?

The New Year is soon upon us, so now is as good of a time as ever to reflect. Do you want next year to look exactly the same as this year? If so, brilliant! You are the master and commander of your own life! If not, there will never be a better time than now to start making the changes you need to be the best version of yourself you know you can be.

Next Month ...

It looks like I’ll have to completely skip the topic of relationships for this month (although I suppose the previous topic touched on it a bit). We’ll save that for next month and loop back into identity and personal development.

For the interim, please share and let me know if you like the content I’m curating for you here. Best wishes!

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Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Instructor

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Instructor

May 29, 2016
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