"Just Do Wit" is The Secret to Wellbeing

Posted in Did You Know? on Sep 26, 2016

The willingness to "Just Do WIT” is the secret to wellbeing. In the past month, I’ve seen three people, who have asked me if I think Upper Cervical care may be able to help someone in their family … however, all three added a few interesting comments that went something like this:

“They’re really negative and don’t really do anything except talk about how bad things are and don’t like seeing doctors anyway and don't like driving to North Lakes and keep taking more-and-more medication … and so forth.”

So What’s the Answer to the Question?

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Let me try to explain this as succinct as possible: if a person does not want to be well, I can give the best adjustment given in the history of chiropractic, and it will not make a damn bit of difference to their wellbeing. Now let me elaborate.

Someone once asked me, “Is Upper Cervical chiropractic something you have to believe so that it will work?” My answer was, “I certainly hope not!” Chiropractic is founded on the laws of nature just like the laws of gravity.

If the right adjustment is given at the right place and right time, there will - without exception - be a positive effect on the brain and body, which allows it to communicate better, heal better and work better. Full stop. So no matter who it is - whether or not they “believe” that chiropractic can or will help them, it will.

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But is that all there is to it? 

Chiropractic along with any other form of medical or healthcare would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the people. :-) In other words, the state of the individual has an immense impact on the effect that any form of healthcare will have.

Try to superglue a coin onto a piece of wood that has just been slathered in a thick layer of grease. Nothing is wrong with the superglue or the procedure (just hold it until it sticks), but there is another variable at play: the ability of the glue to stick. Same too with the ability of the adjustment to stick.

The impact of a person’s mindset, not necessarily beliefs but the biological, neurological, and physiological energy that resonates from the brain-to-and from every cell in your body is critical when it comes to healing. It does not mean that “positive thinking” alone will save the day (it doesn’t), but negative thinking certainly will prevent healing and your wellbeing from ever happening.

So what does it take for your wellbeing?

Above all else, I’ve found it takes one essential thing for any person to get well, and believe it or not, it ain’t chiropractic. It is what I call “Just Do WIT,” or depending on whom I’m talking to “WIFT.” It is the willingness to take command and responsibility of your life to “Just Do “Whatever It (*ing) Takes” to be well.

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That is the secret to wellbeing. You are willing to “Just Do WIT” to get well. You wouldn’t have read this article down here if you didn’t. But some people aren’t willing to “Do WIT,” and for them, sometimes it isn’t possible to help them.

If you were to forward this article to the Brisbane Courier-Mail or the ABC, talk to 100 people in North Lakes about how important Upper Cervical care is and what a difference it will make in their lives … but not a single person EVER followed your advice, you have STILL done a magnificent thing. And thank you for doing so! It isn’t up to you or me or anyone else to save the world if the world does not want to be saved.

The only and best things that we can do is as Gandhi paraphrased, “be the change we want to see in the world” and inspire those in our family, in our community, in Brisbane, and in our world who are willing to “Just Do WIT” by being the best versions of us that we can be. The willingness to "Just Do WIT” - whatever it takes - is the secret to wellbeing, and it is an essential element for you to get well with Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care.

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