Kill Facebook! What will be Different for You in 2019?

Posted in Personal Development on Jan 1, 2019

I’m writing this blog on a day that does not exist … at leastnot for me.

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What is your goal?

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Most importantly, what are you willing to do differentlyfrom 2018 in order to achieve it? The person you aretoday is because of choices you made knowingly or unknowingly 1year ago. The person you will be in 2020 will be because of thechoices you make today. 

Let me ask you to consider this: for whatever your goal for 2019is - and I do encourage you to have one - can you think ofsomeone who has already achieved it? That’s right.Think of someone you know (including media personalities) who havealready achieved what you want for yourself.

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What characteristics do they possess, and what behaviorsdo they need to possess in order to achieve what theyhave?

Commitment? Consistency? Integrity (i.e., their word is theirbond)? Moreover, what characteristics and behaviors dothey actively avoid? Unnecessary spending? Wastefulexcess? People-pleasing (i.e., inability to say “no”)? Beforeyou set your Resolution in stone, I would encourage you to considerthe characteristics and behaviors that you need to embody. Ifyou don’t February will be here soon enough, and you will be nofarther than you are now.

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Tips for 2019

1. Kaizen

It is a Japanese word that means “continual improvement.” Ratherthan attempting to achieve monumental goals in a single step, smallsteps every day that add up over time make the biggestdifference.

Consider a very simple example: the ambitious goal to exercisedaily for 30 minutes. 

Let’s say that you are physically capable to 30 minutes offocused exercise. However, you also have a myriad of additionaldaily stresses that consume your time. 

So in the span of 1 week, you do 3 sessions for a total of 90minutes of exercise.

To contrast, if you were to dedicate even half of that time - 15minutes - but develop the habit of daily physicalactivity, your effort will earn you 105 minutes of exercise perweek.

Progress does not always need to be immediate: justconsistent!

2. Habit

On the topic of habit, don’t expect immediate progress no matterwhat your Resolution is. To create a new habit takes 70days of daily repetition.

And to “break” or change an existing habit takes evenlonger! 

… I would, therefore, encourage you to create a new habit!

One of the best ways to do so is to use the addictive nature ofyour human brain in your favour? 

Do you have a diary or calendar for 2019?

If not, quickly Google and print a monthly calendar for2019. 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple: pickthe new habit and the daily task that will help you to accomplishit and then mark on the calendar days when youhave completed the task.

After 3-4 successive days with an “X” marked on your calendar(best kept in a highly visible place), the compulsive nature ofyour brain to continue your streak will kick in! 

And when it does, your brain will actively be working to helpyou establish your new habit instead of fighting you.

3. Less is More

Sometimes, the best Resolutions are not to add morethings/stresses into your life, but to remove existing ones.

What is your life is not serving you? That includespeople!

What one thing, if you changed, would make the biggestdifference in terms of your personal happiness, freedom, andprosperity?

It’s one of those “simple but not easy tasks” … but so worth iton the other side!

Dr. Jeff’s Personal Resolutions

I have plenty of things in my own life that I can improve … justask Natalie! 

Kidding aside - and to be held accountable for 2019 - I’ll sharewith you a few of the Resolutions I have for 2019.

1. Kill Facebook

Somehow I got hooked 3 years ago. Over our Christmas break, Ifound myself one day looking at my phone and getting agitated bystuff that people were commenting on about Chiropractic inAustralia. 

I realised right then that I don’t need to inject otherpeople’s negatively into my life!

A few years back, I nixed the habit of watching news online oron TV. Well, let me add Facebook to the list.

The Facebook app is already deleted from myphone!

Now, I'm not saying that I'm anti-Facebook. I'm simply admittingthat I've found myself spending way too much time waiting forresponses!

The interesting challenge I have is that I will continue to beactive on Facebook for office and teaching activities. However, Ishall be limiting my hours severely to 1-2x daily … and certainlynot when I am at home or on weekends when I should berelaxing!

2. Core Four

As I described last month, Natalie and I both listed to Garret JWhite, founder of “Wake Up Warrior.” 

Part of the “Wake Up Warrior” program is a list of 4 tasks to becompleted before your day truly begins that focuson the following:

1. Physical Exercise - 10 minutes ofcardiovascular exercise (or other activity approved by yourhealthcare provider)

2. Nutrition - Included or as the entirety ofyour breakfast, have 1 glass of a green smoothie … your choice andlots of recipes are available online

3. Reflection - 10 minutes of meditation,prayer, journaling or reading (not news), and then sharing what youlearned with at least 1 other person that day

4. Appreciation - Reach out to one personvia email, SMS, card or direct call/contact to tell themone thing that you appreciate about them

The game is to score yourself 1 point for each activity that youperform daily and keep track of your weekly scores and streaksthroughout the course of the year until you establish newhabits.

Even though I do partake in these activities already, as far asa daily ritual goes, the “Core Four” will be a challenge forme! 

My plan is to use the exact same method abouthabit-forming that I described above to establishthe rhythm. … Plus the added incentive that I donot want to have to admit to people in March thatI “fell off the bandwagon.

Happy New Year, and good luck in whateverresolution you have made. I hope that the future version of youagrees it is one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Dr. Jeff

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