Medication to Care for Migraines Not Always the Best Option

Posted in Head Pain Disorders on Aug 20, 2017

Those who suffer from migraines live for the day when they finally hear that researchers have found a cure! Migraines are neurological in nature and are one of the most common ailments around the globe.

In the United States, it is estimated that 12% of the population have migraines regularly, and women are affected 3 times more often than men. For right now, a migraine cure is not a reality. Recently, Botox injections were becoming esteemed as the latest migraine help.

This medication has limits though. The FDA stated that it is to be used for controlling chronic migraines, but it is not used as a cure. People have reported some type of relief with Botox, but it is not something to be used long term, and it wears off relatively quickly. What are other types of care available?

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Migraines continue to frustrate doctors and patients alike as what works for one does not necessarily work for another. Migraines are as unique as the person suffering from them. Most drugs – prescription and over-the-counter – only offer momentary relief.

This is because the root of the problem is not being addressed. Is there anything that addresses this issue, and what is it?

Migraines Helped by Proper Spinal Alignment

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Chronic Pain Treatment - Where's the Upper Cervical Care?!

Chronic Pain Treatment - Where's the Upper Cervical Care?!

Jul 26, 2018

Here at Atlas Health Australia, we are able to help quite a few of our migraine patients. Many times they visit us as a last resort when all else has failed to help. Our focus is on the health and stability of the neck area. We are particularly interested in the first bone of the neck, the C1 vertebra or the atlas bone, and how it is aligned.

If misaligned, which it is susceptible to, it can have a negative impact on the central nervous system and the brainstem. It may even hinder proper blood flow from reaching the brain. Studies conducted have revealed that those receiving care from an upper cervical chiropractor to correct the misalignment of the atlas bone have proven to do much better when it comes to their migraines.

We have seen this in our own practice as well.   To schedule, a complimentary consultation call our North Lakes Queensland office at 07-3188-9329

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