You Can See the Neck Misalignment North Lakes

Do you want to see the misalignment in your neck?

Be sure to ask to see the new office posters in North Lakes, which show in beautiful bold color the misalignment in your upper neck and what it does to your spine and central nervous system.

Storytime - 4 Years Ago

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Dr. Tom Forest was giving a presentation on the Blair Chiropractic technique in New Zealand (… Brisbane was just a bit too far). Dr. Forest explained exactly how by customizing x-rays to a person's unique bone structure you could see in clear black-and-white the misalignment between the head at the C1 vertebra.

He proceeded to show an x-ray on the screen overhead of exactly what the misalignment looks like. To see the subluxated vertebra is the Holy Grail of chiropractic, and for me, it still stands out as one of the most amazing moments in my professional career!

 Not to be too rude, but when I saw the x-ray I felt like Po in a certain scene from Kung Fu Panda 3 (attached picture linked). It so blew me away that coming home to practice on Monday, I immediately worked to change my practice to incorporate these findings so that I could get better and faster results.

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Why It's Such a Big Deal

I wanted to share this newfound information with everyone in North Lakes and Brisbane. To be able to show people with absolute certainty (like showing parents their unborn baby on an ultrasound) that, "Here is you're the misalignment - right there on the x-ray - and this is what it looks like and this problem that we need to address," was a most important thing I realized I could do to help people get on the right track.

  • "Here is why you've been having headaches or migraines."
  • "Here is why you've been having back issues."
  • "Here is why you've been having neuralgia or fatigue or pain, etc."

"Here it is, and this is why no one's been able to see it before - they just haven't been looking from the correct angle."

 That feeling you get the first time you see an upper cervical misalignment for the very first time.


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