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When it comes to nerve pain and other complex health problems that include Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, jaw or facial pain, neuralgia, dizziness & vertigomigraines, etc. there is usually no single magic bullet. The solution to these problems often requires Upper Cervical Care PLUS at least one other form of care. It is a problem I call, "The Combination Lock."

I've written previously about the Combination Lock. In short, a combination lock requires an exact number of digits entered in the correct order before the device opens at all. So too, when a person experiences complex nerve pain or other such problems, they may not experience any relief until all factors are properly aligned.

The Myth About "Easy Treatment" for Nerve Pain - North Lakes, Brisbane

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We all like to think if we suffer a health challenge, we only have to do one right thing to solve the problem. Often the "solution" comes in the form of a pill or tablet that helps deaden the symptoms (nerve pain, etc) but does not address the underlying cause. While there is a time and place for that, it is best used as temporary solutions, which allows you the time to get to the underlying causes so that you can properly unlock the combination lock.

Unfortunately, the search for that permanent solution - though simple in principle - is rarely easy. I could sugar-coat it for you, but the truth is that when you have complex nerve pain or another issue, it may be a bit of a challenge getting out of it.

Right Care, Wrong Order

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Measuring the Health of Your Nervous System

Measuring the Health of Your Nervous System

Nov 28, 2016

What makes it a little bit more complicated is discovering the correct sequence.  Sometimes a person may say, "I've been to the Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist and Chiropractor. I've done diet, Acupuncture, pills, potions, lotions ... everything (!)." Finally, you try Upper Cervical Care by adjusting the Atlas. One of two things happens then.

  1. The atlas correction makes the difference! Now, it is not because Upper Cervical Care is the magic bullet, but because it is simply the last digit in the combination lock ... and everything you have been doing that far had been right.
  2. The atlas correction is the NEXT STEP in making the difference ... but your health problem persists. Disheartening, absolutely. However, when the atlas is clear, which allows your body to heal and communicate with itself better, it means that something else that you may have tried before might now finally work the way it was supposed to!

Here would be a case of doing the right thing but in the wrong order.

How to Unlock the Lock

A few things I'd like to mention.

  1. Be absolutely certain from the start - not after you've already seen 10 other people - that your atlas and upper neck are properly aligned. Unless the brain-body has a clear line of healing communication, all your other efforts will be harder.
  2. Work with a doctor or healer who recognizes that the form of care that he/she offers, though significant, may not be the exclusive answer to your problems. Make sure that your doctor is aware of other factors that may contribute to your problem(s). And if he/she isn't a specialist in that area that they manage your care with another specialist so that you have the best opportunity to get well.
  3. Patience. That is so much easier said than done - and I know it first hand! Know that everything you do, whether or not it brings the immediate relief that you are seeking, it still a step in the right direction. Even if there is no symptomatic change, every effort you make towards reclaiming your health and life is a step to discovering the solution(s) that will work for you.

Does any of this sound like something you have been experiencing? We make no guarantees other than to do our best for you, but if you have been experiencing nerve pain, fibromyalgia, or other forms of complex neurological issues and you have NOT had your upper neck checked to make sure that your healing system is online properly.

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