The Upper Cervical Health Centre for Brisbane

Posted in Chiropractic on Sep 5, 2016

Atlas Chiropractic North Lakes has joined as an affiliate with the Upper Cervical Health Centers (UCHC). We are now the first chiropractic office in Brisbane and, in fact, the first in all Australia to join as with the UCHC (or “Centre” in our case).

Who are the Upper Cervical Health Centres?

The UCHC is a premier group of atlas specific chiropractors across the USA and Canada dedicated to spreading the message of Upper Cervical care to the world. You may have already seen or read some of the amazing work put out by the UCHC in the form of the Upper Cervical Care DVD, which you have seen in the office (hopefully in its entirety at home) or the condition-specific brochures sitting in the front reception.

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What does this mean for Brisbane & North Lakes?

One of the great things we can now share with the North Lakes, greater Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast communities is a huge database of articles, blog posts, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and video case reports of people who have gotten well through Upper Cervical care to help you, your family and friends get the most from their care.

Another great aspect of being part of the UCHC is having an expanded network of Upper Cervical chiropractors so when and wherever you may travel to the USA or Canada, it is more likely that I will know someone who will be able to help you in case you get into trouble and need your atlas adjusted! …

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Australia is still a work in progress and will be a challenge, but on that is a work in progress and hopefully will change over the upcoming years. What is both amazing and frustrating, the UCHC actually has direct ties back to Australia as some of its founding members are Upper Cervical patients and world advocates.

What Should I do?

Check out our page through the UCHC webpage, like us through Facebook and share the message with your family and friends, who need to benefit from Upper Cervical Care as we hope you have too. Atlas Health Chiropractic in North Lakes, Brisbane is now a member of the Upper Cervical Health Centres (UCHC).

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