The North Lakes Chiropractor for Head, Neck, and Jaw Conditions

Posted in Chiropractic on Jun 14, 2021

When you are looking for a chiropractor near North Lakes, you actually have several options. Many people don’t know, but there are actually 40 different chiropractic techniques!

The question is, “Which is the right one for you?”

Especially if you are looking for treatment related to head, neck, and jaw conditions, our practice - Atlas Health - right here in North Lakes is a leader not only in Brisbane but across Australia in what is known as “Upper Cervical specific chiropractic,” which focuses on the health and function of your neck (aka cervical spine).

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  • Migraines and headaches that AREN’T improving
  • Neck and shoulder pain that isn’t going away
  • Whiplash injuries and post-concussion syndrome
  • Vertigo, dizziness, BPPV, and Meniere’s disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • TMJ problems and jaw pain
  • Plus a variety of other conditions related to the nerves and muscles connected with the head, upper neck, and jaw.


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North Lakes Chiropractor - What’s the difference? 

So what makes Atlas Health in North Lakes a different type of chiropractor?


  1. Laser-specific diagnostic testing. Literally, we use computerised equipment including a device known as a “Posture IQ” - the only one in all Australia! - that allows us to visualise your posture down the millimeter of alignment in order to determine where the stress is in your body.
  2. Computerised neurological scanning. We use an infrared scanner along your spine called a “Tytron” that measures heat differentials as a way of measuring local inflammation, muscle, and nerve activity to measure, in brief, if your brain is happy with the function in your spine.
  3. Customised on-site imaging. We take custom-tailored 3D x-ray images on site that help us determine the exact location, directions, and degree of any misalignment in your neck, We are the only imaging facility not only in North Lakes but across Brisbane that takes these types of specialised images that help us see things that often go undiagnosed on CT and MRI scans
  4. Individualised care. We don’t just make the same recommendations for everyone but treat everyone differently based on their own care needs and goals. In fact, we perform specialised tests on every visit (not x-rays though … that would be silly!) in order to measure your progress and to know that you are going in the right direction.
  5. Referral network. Many of the people who visit our practice in North Lakes are looking for a chiropractor who does something different because they have chronic or challenging issues. And while we are able to help many of them, we aren’t able to help 100% of people. That is the reason why we have an excellent network of other healthcare practitioners from around North Lakes and the greater Brisbane area who specialise in their own fields who may be able to help you if they need more than a chiropractor. In other words, we pride ourselves on being able to get the right diagnosis and then refer to the appropriate healthcare professional. That way, even if we are not the right person for you, we can still get you to the right person.


North Lakes Chiropractor - Precise Treatment, Focused on Results 

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When you are looking for a chiropractor near North Lakes, you actually have several options. If you Google search “North Lakes chiropractor near me” you’ll quickly realise that even in North Lakes you have chiropractors who focus on low back pain, pediatrics, craniosacral, and also general chiropractic care.

However, if you are looking for care for a head, neck, or jaw-related condition near North Lakes and want the most precise care that you can receive, Atlas Health may well be the chiropractor right for you.

Our practice is dedicated to helping people with chronic conditions - many of whom have been to GPs and specialists and even had all kinds of CTs and MRIs but told that “everything is normal” when they definitely don’t feel that way - so that they can achieve long term results and get back to living life the way that they want it.

Our principal chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey Hannah, is an advanced certified instructor with the Blair upper cervical technique. He has over 15 years of experience in upper cervical specific chiropractic care and has been servicing the local North Lakes communities for over 10 years. He is an international speaker, published author, and recognised leader in the field of upper cervical chiropractic.

He also conducts teaching seminars in the Blair upper cervical technique for chiropractors and students from across North Lakes, Brisbane, Australia, and New Zealand.

In truth, the method may not matter as much as getting the right outcome, but if you are looking for a chiropractor near North Lakes who focuses on certain conditions, then you may want to check out upper cervical care.

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If you would like to schedule complementary consultation, Dr. Hannah offers a free 15-minute phone chat to discuss your particular condition and answer any questions you may have to decide if upper cervical care may be right for you.

Call us direct at 07 3188 9329 or email us through the Contact Us link on the top of this page.

It is our privilege to help you.

Atlas Health Australia - The chiropractor of choice for head, neck, and jaw conditions for North Lakes and North Brisbane.

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