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In two previous articles written by Atlas Health in North Lakes, Brisbane, we talked about what the normal heat pattern means as it relates to the health of your nervous system.  We also mentioned how that temperature should always be changing if your body is healthy ... and if so, you do not need an adjustment!

There is a specific and interesting type of different heat pattern that occasionally shows up in people - something called an "Opposite Pull."

What is the Opposite Pull Heat Pattern?

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An opposite pull is basically a mirror image of your normal heat pattern the shows up when you need to be adjusted. On the picture and the video, the red graph represents a pattern graph - i.e. that fingerprint graph of what things look like when you need to be adjusted. (And remember that everyone's graph is different).

The green graph represents a graph that was taken for a patient on a different day. I think you would agree with me that the green graph in the middle of the screen (which represents the midline of your spine) is a vertical opposite of the red graph. And this is almost always a good thing. An Opposite Pull Heat Graph is associated with the elevated metabolic and neurological activity. In other words, your body is doing a lot of work, which translates into lots of healing.

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What Types of Healing?

There are three general possibilities. The first is that your body is working as darn hard as it can to hold your adjustment and maintain your correction ... and it is when your body is doing this hard work that you are actually getting stronger (like going to the gym and getting the best workouts when your muscles burn).

The second possibility is that your body is fighting an infection, and the heat pattern is showing heightened immune activity. Now, you may be symptomatic like you have a cold or the flu, or you may have no symptoms at all. The point is that your body is active in the back and foreground nevertheless.

The third possibility is that your body is accelerating doing lots of repair work. This is the least well understood aspect of healing, but it can be compared to those days where you are inspired to get a tremendous amount of work done. Everything clicks and you are in the zone ... and you have no idea how you did it, and you have no idea how to reproduce that.

Symptoms Don't Matter. Healing Does.

A person with an opposite pull (or any other type of heat pattern graph) may be experiencing lots of unpleasant symptoms or none at all. What the graphs show though is what is actually happening beneath the surface ... and whether you you are moving towards or farther away from genuine health.

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Do you know which way your health is heading? If you haven't had an Atlas Health checkup in a little while, now might be a good time. 

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