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Posted in Event on Jan 2, 2018

Announcing the Passion Project! Your source of inspiration and empowerment for a Happy New Year 2019, because the actions you take now will determine the quality of your life one year from now.

Natalie and I would like to take a moment to invite you on Thursday, January 18th from 7:00-8:00 pm for a little get-together in our office to meet with like-minded people seeking inspiration and a community, whose collective wisdom will allow them to achieve amazing things in their life in 2018. Registration is FREE but mandatory. RSVP through Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-passion-project-2018-tickets-41096580980

What is the Passion Project?

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 The Passion Project is you! And it is creating your life by conscious, deliberate action. Life is meant to be extraordinary. However, in the ordinary-ness of our lives, it is easy to neglect our passions. If we do so long enough, we end up feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

The purpose of this community is to create connections with people just like you who believe that life is better when you are inspired and following your passion, We will be meeting the 3rd Thursday of each month to share our resources, to inspire others, and to be inspired with a video presentation from the most influential people of our day. Food and drinks provided.

Please inform us of any dietary requirements. Recapture your passion to be the extraordinary person you are meant to be!

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North Lakes Health Events - October 2016

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Adjusting the Subluxation Above the Atlas

The Passion Project is an idea that I have had in the back of my mind for a long time. To say that chiropractic is just a matter of a technical trade, it is not. It involves countless hours of technical practice to achieve mastery (that I am still pursuing).

It is a business that requires I find the delicate right balance between giving and receiving. It is also a purpose and a passion, a light to share so that the world can become a brighter place. (In chiropractic circles, its called "adjusting the subluxation above C1."  Over the past decade, I've been fortunate to assemble a small library plus the collective wisdom of videos through YouTube and TED Talks.

As nice as it is to enjoy these things on my own, it is even better when I am able to share what I have learned with others ... And even better still is when someone is able to share something with me. That is the idea behind the Passion Project: a forum for people who enjoy this stuff already - who read the books and watch the videos - but want to meet with other people to share their collective wisdom!

There is something intangible and special that happens when you meet with like-minded people. Inspiration from a book or movie is one thing. However, inspiration/motivation alone seldom produces an action that leads to change.

This is not necessarily an "accountability group," but it is a community where like-minded people will be able to provide you the tools and resources to help you turn your inspired thoughts into constructive action. One thing that my dad always says is, "Don't let indecision make the decision for you." I believe very much that the person you are today is because of the choices you made 1 year ago, and that is whether those choices were conscious, unconscious, or from ignorance.

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Conversely, the person you will be 1 year from now will exist because of the choices you make today. Therefore, even  single step in the right direction may lead you closer to the ultimate vision you have for your life.

So What Are We Going to Do?

I am sure that the Passion Project will be a "work-in-progress," continuously improving and evolving per your desires. So think of this as your invitation to Beta-testing. We aren't going to consume your entire evening, don't worry.

We'll start at 7:00 pm with Natalie and I providing a fruit, veggie & dip platter. Not true dinner, but you'll be surprised how filling raw veggies are and how good you feel afterward. * If you will be attending, please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements. *

For the first event, we are going to pull a clip from YouTube/TED from one of the masters on personal development and in helping people reach their full potentials: Tony Robbins on "Why We Do What We Do." As Tony makes clear from the get-go, he is NOT a motivational or inspirational speaker but helps people discover what emotions DRIVE their actions. By doing THAT, if YOU can tap into what drives you - your "why you do what you do" - then you are able to directly control your life instead of your life controlling you.

Straight up, the video that we'll be watching is here through YouTube:   Watch Video

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As wonderful as it may be to invite Tony to speak for us, it may be a bit of an unrealistic ambition at the moment. Nevertheless, there is something special in sharing an experience - even a video - with other people. So if you can't make it, here is the link anyway.

But if you can, that is what we'll be doing. After the 22 minute talk, I will be asking everyone who is attending to share one thing. If you could go back ten years to meet yourself, and you could share 1 piece of wisdom and give 1 rescue (book, video, podcast, etc), what would that be and why?  (Don't worry, I'm not going to make you stand up.)

But if you aren't comfortable talking, just let me know in advance, write your notes on a piece of paper and I'll be happy to do the load for you. As an extra, I will be slowly bringing my personal library from home to the office so that the various resources that I have will be available for you.

So that will be the start of the Passion Project! "From such humble beginnings, endless forms most wonderful have and are being evolved." passions, your(The plan with the world of a great many books I am sure it will evolve over time, but better done than perfect right.

However a small start, I hope this "side project" will be something special that we're able to share with all of you that will assist you too in "adjusting those subluxations above C1."  Remember that the Passion Project is FREE, but that registration is a must for catering and office space (i.e., if we end up having 10+ people in the house, we will hire a local venue). Hope to see you there! https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/the-passion-project-2018-tickets-41096580980  

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