Pokemon Go & Neck Pain

Posted in Neck Pain Disorders Event on Jul 18, 2016

How can Pokemon Mania cause Neck Pain?

I was visiting the Redcliffe Jetty over the past weekend and saw all these people hanging out near the water. … Emphasis on “hanging out” by the way that they were holding their heads way, way too low. (Of interesting note, Natalie and I were running at Mt Coot-tha in the Brisbane CBD over the weekend, and up at the top of one of the trails we saw a couple of guys with their phones and ipads “monster” hunting.

I’ve seen it a few times too around the lake in North Lakes too!).

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It’s Pokemon Madness!

If I knew how I would be more than half tempted to hack into the Pokemon Go system, set up a post to make an especially rare Pokemon outside the office here in North Lakes, and check everyone’s atlas while they’re monster hunting! Its bad enough for the upper neck with texting and staring at computers, but now walking around this way hunting for Pokemons is going to make an already troublesome situation worse.

I’ve written many times before how the weight of a person’s head averages 4Kg, and for every 2.5cm that the head sticks forwards, that weight doubles. As kids and adults go about their business in this way, I see an oncoming onslaught of not just “text neck,” which already an epidemic causing whiplash, neck pain, headaches, etc … but I see an increasing epidemic of “Pokemon Neck: coming to North Lakes and Brisbane of direct head trauma (ie people walking into posts & other people searching for Pokemons) plus other problems associated with the prolonged forward head carriage.

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Neck Injury and Depression Connection

Neck Injury and Depression Connection

Jul 30, 2019

Tingling or numbness in the hands, jaw and facial pain, sleeping problems, and even seizures have all been implicated with significant forward head posture …exactly the same as all these Pokemon hunters are displaying for hours on end!

Want to be a Pokemon Master? Get Your Neck Checked!

Maybe I’m just “too old” to enjoy the craze, but I know that in order to stay well enough to complete your collection, you need to be certain that you aren’t causing serious damage to your neck, spinal cord, and nervous system. So whether you are 5 or 50 years old, if you’re starting to experience headaches or twinges in your neck as the result of spending a large amount of time of your phone, be certain that you visit your Upper Cervical Specific chiropractor for a checkup!  

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