Why is Resting so Important Post Chiropractic Adjustment?

Posted in Chiropractic on Aug 29, 2016

To our knowledge, we are the only Chiropractic office not only in North Lakes but in Brisbane (and only one of a dozen in all Australia) with a designated post adjustment resting room. On those days when you do need an adjustment, we strongly advise that you have a 10-minute post-adjustment lie-down and rest.

Why don't we just have you go for a walk? Why do we advise that you lie down?

As a bit of history, the BJ Palmer Chiropractic Clinic (BJPCC, 1934-1960) was the premier Upper Cervical center in the world. The clinic advertised for "the worst of the worst of the worst cases,"  namely those whom chiropractors and medical physicians could not help despite their best efforts.

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The BJPCC also staffed chiropractic and medical researchers to determine what procedures allowed patients to recover the fastest. One of the things that they determined was that although the chiropractor provides the initial adjusting force (that takes only a split-second), it is what your body does with that force afterward that makes all the difference.

The BJPCC identified that your own body shifts the vertebra or "seats it" to its proper position after the chiropractic adjustment, but it requires the time and opportunity to do so. The researchers found that the best way to do that was to have their patients lie down (removing gravity as a variable) for as long as possible after an adjustment. For this reason, the BJPCC required a mandatory 1-hour rest post-adjustment (2-hours was preferred).

Your Body is Healing when your Adjustment is Holding

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The BJPCC knew that this ideal practice is not practical in a normal chiropractic office. They determined that even the rest of 10-15 minutes was sufficient for the adjustment to settle (or "gel") just enough that as people would go about their business the rest of the day that their adjustments would, for the most part, stay put.

Many chiropractors recommend a post-adjustment walk, but because of the effects of gravity, we prefer that you lie down in a reclining chair with a cushion to support your neck. We won't force you, but we know with certainty that you will heal much better if you rest 10-15 minutes before getting back into the rush of daily life. A post adjustment rest is one of the most important things that your body requires so that you will heal as well as possible.

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