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Posted in Chiropractic on Mar 12, 2016

Its been a busy month in chiropractic – not just in North Lakes, or even in Brisbane, but in Queensland. As many of you know, I’ve been working a long time to expand Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic not just in Queensland, but throughout Australia.

It has started with a series of seminars and tests in the USA (with one more later this year TBA). … These efforts are starting to pay off! It started mid-February with a student information night with Dr. Trent Headlam and Dr. Brian Johnson down in West End.

It was a particular honor because I was asked to demonstrate a complete Upper Cervical analysis and adjustment. Both Dr. Headlam and Dr. Johnson also impressed on the students just how important upper cervical adjusting is! ... I hope to see them when we have the official seminar later this year!

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Through the end of February and the beginning of March, there have been a series of events (including discussions and presentations through Facebook) on the importance of philosophy in chiropractic. Then just this past weekend, I was invited up to Mackay to present for the new chiropractic students at CQU about “The Big Idea” of chiropractic and of the power of the force that animates the human body.

And as a bonus (of course), I had the chance to catch up with Mom and Dad (who are both doing very well and are very happy to be back in Australia … and VERY busy). In short, there are lots of things happening in chiropractic right now.

 I read back through this little news update, and I suppose it sounds a little pretentious (I hope it doesn’t come across that way though). What I hope to share is that

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1) there are young and inspired minds in chiropractic, which is good news for the future of health in Australia,

2) there is an audience of chiropractors and students interested in Upper Cervical care, and

3) hopefully soon (soon!) there will FINALLY be a growing network of Upper Cervical chiropractors so that those who travel from South Brisbane, West Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and Far North Queensland will finally have someone closer to home to see!

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