Is your Sympathetic System Stressed Out?

Your sympathetic system controls the stress levels in your body ... and but measuring heat patterns generated from your sympathetic, you can measure if your central nervous system is working properly and healthily.

Your Sympathetic, Stress & Blood Flow

Thermography is the study of heat patterns, and it is a useful way to measure the health of your central nervous system. There is a division of your nervous system called your "autonomic nervous system," which is responsible for all the internal organ functions that keep you alive: circulation, respiration, digestion, elimination, etc.

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These are the things that you seldom feel unless there is an acute problem like a heart attack. However, it is also these things that make up the bulk of all the neurological activity that happens in your body. A specific part of the autonomic system called your "sympathetic nerves" are what control heat production through constriction and dilation of your blood vessels.

Because sympathetic nerves are located throughout your body, we can extrapolate that by measuring their function (heat) along the back of your neck we are able to determine if your body is working as it is supposed to be. If it is, from a chiropractic perspective, we expect you to be healthy. If it is not, however, that is how we know that you need a chiropractic adjustment.

Measuring your Stress and Nervous System

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Our heat scanning tool is called a "Tytron" which uses infrared sensors to measure temperature along the back of your neck. The temperature along the left and right sides of your spine should be balanced within 0.3 degrees. Your temperature readings should always be changing.

Dynamic heat swings indicate that your nervous system is able to adapt to the internal and external environment. However, if we see the same pattern over-and-over, never changing, that is another important indicator that your body is not adapting correctly and that you are not as healthy as you should be.

Ideally, we see a perfectly straight (all green) series of measurements for every graph after your adjustment. However, your heat readings are only snapshots of a moment in time. If we could take all your post-adjustment graphs and find the average temperature, we would expect an all-green graph. Unfortunately, our technology does not yet allow us to do this.

What is most important is that your post-adjustment readings look different from your pre-adjustment readings.

Also, anything that changes your body's physiology can affect our measurements. For the most accurate readings, if possible, we ask you to please refrain from the following substances prior to a visit:

  • Tobacco - 2 Hours
  • Caffeine & Chocolate - 6 Hours
  • Alcohol - 48 Hours
  • Cold Medicine - 48 Hours
  • Pain Killers - 72 Hours

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What is your Sympathetic Score?

Atlas Chiropractic in North Lakes is one of, if not the only chiropractic office in Brisbane that actually uses this tool to assess when you may need an adjustment. Your sympathetic system controls the stress in your body, and but measuring heat patterns, a chiropractor can measure if your nervous system is working properly. Our heat scanning tool is called a "Tyron" which uses infrared sensors to measure temperature along the back of your neck.

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