Don't be a Chiropractor's Two Day Rule Fool

Every person - whether you see an atlas chiropractor or not, is going to have niggles, pain, discomfort, get the flu, or are sick at different points in their life. The question is – is your body going to be able to take care of things as well as it should be?

Are you experiencing a symptom or something does not seem right?

If you have chest pains or other severe problems, the chiropractor is not who you need to see. Don't delay and be certain to get to the Emergency Department or seek immediate assistance with 000. If it is not severe, give your body a couple of days to see if it can take care of things on its own. If you’re feeling a little unwell, see if it comes right on its own.

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However, if it doesn’t and on day three things are exactly the same maybe even worse, you're kidding yourself if you think “it will come right on its own.”

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When You Need to See Your Atlas Chiropractor

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Your body should be capable of correcting alignments on its own, but for those times when your body can’t correct that’s when outside assistance is required. One of the best rules of thumb we know is the two-day rule. See if your body can correct on its own but if it doesn’t come right on the third day, you probably need an adjustment or at least a checkup to be certain that it isn't your atlas or spine causing the issue.

Yes, you may say that "I didn't do anything to cause it" or think that "I’ll come right", but if it is more than two days, you're putting off the inevitable. Things will only add up and get worse at the very least have someone have a look at it for you. Other times people who are under care prefer to manage things on their own but they are sometimes unsure when they need to come in for a check-up.

Don't be a Two Day Rule Fool

Are you putting up with something past the Two Day Rule? Don't be a Two Day Rule Fool. If you're experiencing pain or other symptoms longer than two days, it won't go away on its own. You need to see your Atlas Chiropractor.    

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