Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia - Melbourne 2016

Posted in Personal Development on Oct 25, 2016

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The Art of the Specific - Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia (Melbourne)

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This past weekend (October 21-23rd 2016), I attended The Art of the Specific (TATS). To my knowledge, this seminar was the first official Upper Cervical Chiropractic seminar held in Melbourne, and the first Knee Chest seminar EVER held in Australia. “Knee Chest” is a most interesting name and refers to a specialised table that looks like a small bench.

The essence of it is that a person’s knees, chest and head are stabilised on the adjusting table in order to provide maximum relaxation. TATS and Knee Chest are one of the few Upper Cervical methods I had not previously had the opportunity to study in depth, so this now adds a new and powerful tool for me to develop and use to help people in the office.

Melbourne Seminar Review

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Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia #1

Blair Upper Cervical Seminar Australia #1

Nov 08, 2016

The seminar was presented by Dr Shawn Dill from the USA and was attended by 13 doctors and chiropractic students from around Australia including the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. The seminar was held over 3 days and was effectively 26 solid hours of pure chiropractic - and I loved it!

The Friday session was in depth analysis of the history, philosophy and neurology behind Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care. Saturday was a study of chiropractic analysis (the Nervous System Temperature scanner that we use in the office) and also x-rays analysis … including a few really interesting ways to visualising the upper neck, which I haven’t seen before! Finally, Sunday was the actual technique … or at least the basics about how to deliver the adjustment.

The first time I attended an Upper Cervical seminar, I was completely overwhelmed. The material was deep and heavy, and the whole time I had an inescapable feeling of dread that, “Oh geez, how can I possibly go back to work on Monday and keep doing the same thing I’d always done” (i.e., full spine, non-specific chiropractic)?!

I was actually the only attendee in the room who practises, or in fact had any experience with Upper Cervical care, and so I could empathise with everyone there! The Next Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia One of the most exciting things for me was the opportunity to meet so many other chiropractors and students interested in practicing Upper Cervical Care in Australia.

In fact, there were more people attending the seminar than there are current Upper Cervical Chiropractors in ALL AUSTRALIA! And that is no small thing!

Think about what that would mean: it would mean that there will be an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in West Melbourne … in north Queensland … in South Australia … in the ACT … in South Brisbane … because in all these places at the moment there is NO ONE!!

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The New Office Manager at Atlas North Lakes

The New Office Manager at Atlas North Lakes

Jul 07, 2016

It is my pleasure and delight to be able to help so many people with Upper Cervical Care, who come in from all across Australia, but how much BETTER will it be when I can say for yourself or for your family or friends living somewhere else that there IS someone MUCH CLOSER to start and/or continue your care.

So thank you Dr Shawn for coming out to inspire and guide a future generation of Upper Cervical chiropractors in Australia, and thank you for EVERYONE who attended. I hope to see and work with you all in the near future. … And for me, that next step will be in when I host the very first BLAIR Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia in 2 weeks. I attended an Upper Cervical Seminar in Australia (Melbourne), & in 2 weeks I will present a Blair Seminar in Brisbane. Exciting times for UC in Australia!

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