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  How much stress do you have in your life? How is it affecting your wellbeing? And are you doing the RIGHT THINGS to maintain your wellbeing?

Understanding Stress & Natural Stress Treatment

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In order to understand how natural stress treatment works, we need to understand first what stress is and is not. Stress comes in all sizes, colors, and flavors amor sunrise to sunset  … and sometimes later still. I make this analogy that explains the way our central nervous system - brain and spine - works.

They are like a computer, which processes bits (and bytes) of information. The information processed by your brain includes impulses from the internal and external environment that cover everything from what you are feeling with your hands, what the temperature is, what your body needs to do to digest your lunch and even what you are supposed to feel emotionally after an argument with a friend or family member.

Every thought, action, emotion, and function of your body is processed through your brain and spine in the same way that a computer processes information.

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Too Much Stress

Continuing the computer analogy, what happens if your computer tries to process too much information? It freezes! Processing too much information - having too many programs running at the same time - this overloads your computers’ circuits, which causes it to slow, freeze, and then in serious cases crash.

All these impulses are bits of data from your internal and external environment. When they are all added up together resemble the stress load that your nervous system needs to handle. Stress is always present in life. In fact, it is necessary for us to function at all. The problem is too much stress - too much stuff all happening, all at once overloading our computers’ circuits (i.e., our brains) causing our entire system to suffer.

The Difference Between A Computer and Your Brain

There is a critical difference between a computer and your brain. Your body has a protective mechanism when you are overloaded with stress: a computer does not. When your computer is processing too much information, the thing slows, freezes, and then crashes. It stops functioning in its entirety, and the only way to fix it once Ctrl+Alt+Del (or ⌘+Alt+Esc) isn’t working is to do a hard reset: to unplug the thing from the wall, which causes you to lose all your data.

If this was a human brain and body, this would be akin to death .. and then like Dr. Frankenstein bringing a person back to life “like new.” And that is NOT how life works. Let me pose this question (assuming you are not a computer whiz): how would you be able to restart your computer - get it back to working at normal speed - without resetting the machine if it has completely frozen (and when Ctrl+Alt+Del is not working?)

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You can’t do it! And this is the difference between a computer and your body when it comes to processing stress. Your body has a protective mechanism in place - something that happens that protects your brain and spine from going into a complete system shock and crash (aka “mental breakdown” or even death). That mechanism is in the spine, and the process that it is called in chiropractic is “misalignment.”

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