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The Healthcare Secret That Only 5% of the Population Knows

As mentioned previously, we live in an ocean of stress. Many health experts believe that the brain itself causes the spine to misalign in order to reduce neural traffic to-and-from the brain in order to prevent circuit overload. However, if you injury your spine in this state, the top vertebrae in your neck - the C1, C2, and C3 - will misalign beyond your body’s ability to self-correct.

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This problem is called “subluxation,” which means that your brain and spine are no longer communicating optimally. The end result is a progressive, destructive drain on your body’s health. The solution for this problem is an Upper Cervical adjustment, which restores the subluxated vertebrae into their proper alignment and which restores your brain's normal control and healing mechanisms.

Upper Cervical Treatment Brisbane

Upper Cervical treatment is a simple concept. If you are reading this, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Wow, that makes sense! Why have I never heard about this before?" To tell you the truth, less than 5% of the population actually know this ... and even fewer people do anything about it!

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It is no secret, and yet Upper Cervical care and the need to take care of your Nervous System remains one of the best-kept secrets in healthcare! You may also be wondering if it is always that simple in practice? Wouldn’t that be nice of all it takes is one adjustment to permanently correct a subluxated vertebra? I agree, but this is not what usually happens for a few reasons, which is the topic of this article

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Principle #6: Healing Takes Time

As obvious as that may seem, only 5% of the population respect that. The other 95% look for shortcuts or make the fatal assumption that “when I feel fine, I’m all good again.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. As I wrote in my first book, The Doctors Who Give No Medicine, the types of injuries that cause subluxation often do not produce immediate symptoms.

As a result, people don’t address the problem early on. Instead, they allow the problem to heal in the incorrect place over a period of years, usually decades! As a rule of thumb, it takes your body one month to heal for every year that the problem has been there! ...

And that does not matter whether or not you are experiencing any pain or symptoms at all. It also assumes you have no major ongoing stress or complicating variables in your life! This is one of the major reasons why Upper Cervical chiropractors advocate regular spine and brainstem checkups  for people of all ages, including children.

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When these problems are small and new - i.e., when a vertebra has just been subluxated (and don’t tell me that children don’t have stress and physical bumps, knocks, scuffs, falls etc also ... they do!) - they are much easier to correct and with many fewer complications.


Principle #24: Some Damage Cannot Be Undone

Again only 5% of the population respect that. The other 95% look for “quick fixes,” when the truth, like exercise or a healthy diet, is something that needs to be a habit if you want to be healthy. When you are subluxated, your body will compensate as best as it can.

Remember that the misalignment itself is your brain and body’s normal adaptation to stress. So too if a vertebra is subluxated beyond your body’s ability to self-correct, it will still do everything that it possibly can - within limitations of matter - to compensate. You will not be operating at 100% … maybe only at 60% of your potential.

However, your brain will do whatever it takes to keep you operating at 60% lest you slip even lower. Among the changes that happen when a vertebra is locked out of its normal position, the surrounding bones and joint surfaces remodel themselves.

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Over time, this is called "osteoarthritis." When arthritis sets in, even when you correct the subluxation, the two halves may not set back together completely. Also, the longer that you are subluxated, the weaker your muscles and ligaments are. “If you don’t use them (or abuse them), you lose them.”

When muscles are not used, they turn to fat. So even you do adjust the vertebra back into its normal range of motion, your muscles are too weak to keep it there. As a result, it is relatively easy for the vertebra to slip back out.

This is where healing time is so important. It takes time for your muscles to recover from an injury. One of the tricky things when it comes to the atlas is that the muscles and ligaments that support the vertebra are not easily strengthened.

They are called “suboccipital muscles and ligaments,” and they actually play more of a supportive/suspensory role to stabilizing the vertebrae than they do to move your neck or head. Even with your best efforts, to strengthen your neck is a challenging process ... but one that is definitely worth the effort!

The stronger that your muscles are, the greater your body's resiliency is to keep your adjustment holding where it belongs.

For more information on Upper Cervical treatment in Brisbane, North Lakes or around Australia, please visit our homepage. The purpose of Upper Cervical treatment is to allow your Nervous System to work properly. Looking for care in Brisbane or in Australia?

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