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Posted in Chiropractic on Sep 12, 2016

When you need your Atlas Chiropractic checkup ASAP?. The Two Day Rule states that your body should be strong enough to overcome issues such as colds, flu, aches, pains, etc.

However, when the problem is not improving in a couple of days, you're going to need some outside help and an Atlas chiropractic visit in North Lakes, Brisbane. Again, these types of things are very different from emergencies (strokes, heart attacks, etc) which require immediate attention.

What I'm referring to are the irritable kinds of things that affect your ability to have a healthy happy day and left uncorrected may lead to greater problems.

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Exceptions to the Two Day Rule

There are a few exceptions to the Two Day Rule: things that you shouldn't delay having your upper neck checkup no matter what to be certain that everything is okay. There are a few categories of activities:

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  1. Surgery. When you are unconscious, your body does not have a normal muscle-ligament tone. Thus, if you are moved at different angles, the trauma can be more than sufficient to knock you out of alignment (ask anyone who has had surgery how sore they were afterward to confirm).
  2. Leaning Back in Chairs (e.g. Dental Work or Hair Salons). The angle of the head-rest sitting for a long while often stresses people's necks at just the wrong angles that it destabilizes their neck adjustments.
  3. Having a Tattoo. It is injecting stuff into your skin, which activates nerves (which is why it hurts!). The neurological stress of the situation can be more than enough to push your system over the limit and cause your adjustment to slip.
  4. Moving House. Using muscles in different ways that you don't usually do - plus the repetitive, stressful nature of the process - enough said really.
  5. Head bashing fun (e.g. concerts, amusement parks). Unassisted, a person can whip his/her head up to 40kph. At just the wrong angle, that is more than enough to cause serious problems. Have fun (!) but be sure to have your spine checked afterward. Always!

The Best Way for a Checkup

Even though we're talking about how certain activities can stir the pot, managing your health based on how you feel is still not the best idea.  Our best recommendation is a regular health checkup to be sure that your adjustment(s) are holding, which is when you are actually doing well and when your body is healing.

Still, it is always important to have guidelines to assist the rest of us as we try to juggle and manage all the stuff that happens in the crazy thing we call life! Have you let your last Upper Cervical (Atlas) Chiropractic checkup go too long? There are a few exceptions to the two-day rule. When you do them, its a good idea to have an upper cervical (atlas) chiropractic checkup ASAP.

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