Who Cares About Your Neck is on The Line between Pain, Health and Disease?

Posted in Neck Pain Disorders on Sep 12, 2019

Who is your neck, brain, and spine care specialist?

You probably have a family dentist to take care of your teeth … maybe even an orthodontist if you need your teeth straightened.

You probably also have a family doctor who you see if you’re ever experiencing medical issues.

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On top of that, if you are the type of person who cares about your health, then you also watch your diet, exercise, and generally do the best that you can to be as well as possible.

So then let me ask you: how well do you take care of your neck?


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How should I sleep with neck arthritis?

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  • Do you sit in front of a computer all day?
  • Do you drive with your head sticking forwards (i.e., not touching the headrest?)
  • Do you spend too much time on your phone?
  • Do you experience headaches, neck pain, blurry vision, or just general difficulties concentrating when you’re sticking your head forward?
  • Do you notice that your posture or body alignment is worse than it used to be?


If so, all of these signs point to a potential problem involving your neck. If so, you can ignore the problem, hoping it goes away … but does just hoping that a cavity in your mouth goes away work? Even if you start brushing and flossing your teeth, once the cavity is there, the cavity is there. And the only option it to get it taken care of.

So let me ask you again? Who takes care of your neck?

If the answer is, “No one,” don’t worry. You, like so many people, have never had to think about that question until now. So if you are looking for a Brisbane natural neck treatment specialist, here is where a unique form of healthcare known as Upper Cervical may be able to help you.

“The jack of all trades is the master of none.”

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When it comes to the neck, one of the first things that people think of is a chiropractor. Maybe a physiotherapist, osteopath or massage therapist. In the same breath, many people don’t like the idea of getting their neck cracked or twisted either!



If you have done a Google search for “chiropractor Brisbane,” you might as well be picking a name at random (or from a phone book if you are old enough like me to remember that!) Do you know what you’re really getting?

There are approximately 1500 chiropractors Brisbane and across the gold coast and sunshine coast … but did you know that there are actually around 100 different types of chiropractors?

Think of it as general medicine. There are doctors to treat the heart, the lungs, the digestive system. There are doctors to treat certain conditions like cancer, diabetes, and weight loss. The list is endless. It is no different when you are looking for chiropractic Brisbane.

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Can upper cervical chiropractic help neck pain?

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Simply because you find someone with a good star rating near you may not mean that they are the right person to help with you. 

So if I may, let me ask, “What are you looking for?”

Are you experiencing headaches? Migraines, Dizziness? Vertigo? Neck Pain? Back Pain? Tinnitus? Jaw Problems Chronic Fatigue? Fibromyalgia? Neuralgia? Sciatica? Multiple Sclerosis? Or some other type of condition or disorder where you’ve been to every specialist you can think of, but no one can figure out what’s going on?

Are you sick of just treating the symptoms? Or having all kinds of tests that just come back as “normal” when you know in your heart that there must be something going on? Many people who attend our north Brisbane chiropractic clinic have already been to 5-10 different practitioners of all sorts without answers. 

Indeed, we may not have the answer that you are looking for. Nevertheless, what we offer is a unique perspective and a different approach to healthcare: one that may be able to help you even if you feel like you’ve “done and tried everything already, but nothing’s worked.”

“The Brisbane upper cervical chiropractor is the master of C1”

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Cervical Myelopathy and Upper Cervical Treatment

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At Atlas Health, we are a Brisbane chiropractic center that focuses on one and only one thing: the health of your upper neck and the impact that has on your nervous system. And because your nervous system controls everything in your body, it doesn’t matter what symptoms you have. We work with the master control centre of your body to help the power-system of your bodywork as well as it possibly can.


So what do we do that is different?

There are approximately 4000 chiropractors in Australia. But did you realise that there are only around 10 who focus exclusively on the health of the upper neck and brainstem? Your atlas (C1) and your axis (C2) protect your brainstem, which is the master control centre of your body. Every movement, sensation, or organ function that your body does is because of signals that originate from your brainstem. 

Your C1 and C2 are also the two most flexible bones in your spine, capable of moving in 270 different possible combinations. When you also consider how everyone is built differently, it is impossible to figure out your unique combination without doing the right kind of tests first.

In our north Brisbane practice, we are the only Australian chiropractor to have advanced certification in the Blair Atlas Treatment or Upper Cervical method. We use a unique combination of physical tests, neurological tests including paraspinal thermography, and 3D customised digital x-rays, which allow us to identify problems - and solutions - for the types of conditions that can affect the health of your neck and nervous system.

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Natural neck pain relief and your C1 vertebra

Natural neck pain relief and your C1 vertebra

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When it comes to the health of your neck, your spine, and your brain, you have two basic options.


  1. Choice #1 is to see someone who does some work for the neck, but also for the back. And the shoulders and the feet. And the blood and the hormones. And so forth.
  2. Choice #2 is to see someone who works on only one thing - the upper neck - because of its powerful impact on all these other things.

If you need specific care to help improve your health, quality of life and overall wellbeing, would you rather see a generalist or a specialist?


A bit about your Brisbane atlas chiropractor

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Coccyx Whiplash - A Fall on Your Tailbone Affects Your Neck

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Even though the health regulations in Australia do not formally recognise “specialties” among chiropractors, physiotherapists, GPs, etc it does not mean that these professionals have special interests and qualifications that allow them to offer advice and potential solutions that their peers do not. 

Dr. Jeffrey Hannah is an Australia chiropractor with over a decade of experience in upper cervical specific care. He is the author of The Doctors Who Give no Medicine (2012) along with numerous additional resources on the benefits of atlas chiropractic care.

He is one of the only upper cervical doctors in Australia to hold certification in multiple atlas chiro systems. Prior to 2012, we were a member of the atlas orthogonal chiropractors directory before being introduced to the Blair Technique, which we found was a more complete atlas chiropractic system, and which also provided a more accurate and flexible means of assessing and treating issues with the upper neck.

Since then, he can become an advanced Blair instructor, teaching other chiropractic in Australia how to provide this unique and powerful form of healthcare. It is his passion to revive upper cervical chiropractic so that it will be available for every community in Australia.

So for Dr. Jeff, it is not just a matter of working on the full spine. It is a matter of focusing on that one most important area of the body - the upper neck - in order to help people achieve the best possible outcomes.

If you or a loved one has been dealing with some type of health challenge - or even a relatively new issue with your neck - we would like to invite you to reach out to us.

Our Brisbane atlas chiropractor clinic is located in North Lakes to serve the Brisbane and Sunshine Coasts. Feel free to give us a ring at 07 3188 9329 or to email us, and you can schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation with Dr. Jeff about your condition and how we may be able to help you.

Even if you are outside the Brisbane area, please feel free to reach out to us that we might be able to direct you to the most qualified upper cervical chiropractor in your area.

Take care of your neck and enjoy your life again!

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